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There are so many online survey sites out there and so much confusion about them. Most people who want to get paid for surveys come to the conclusion that they are scams. The fact is, any paid survey site that asks you for money to sign up might be a scam and I would stay away but many survey sites are free to join.

But many of these paid online surveys sites are legitimate and you can make money from them. Actually, a lot of money if you know how. This blog is going to show you how to make more money than you ever thought possible when you started looking into doing surveys for money.

I am only going to talk about CashCrate at least for the start of this blog. The reason for this is simple: there are dozens upon dozens of survey sites but if you want to make money by referring other people, CashCrate is the best. Referring others is the single best way to make money with surveys. Yes, you can and should make some money by actually filling out the surveys, but if you want the big bucks, you need to learn how to refer other people.

Why is CashCrate the best survey site for referring people? At the top level (Elite) you will be getting 30% of what your 1st level referrals make and 20% of what your 2nd level referrers make. In addition to that, you will also get $1.00 every time any 1st level referral does their first offer. No other survey site gives that much money back to its participants. That is why CashCrate is the best paid online survey site.

Who am I and why should you believe me? In fact, why should you continue reading this blog? For the month of February  2009, I came in second place (as shown below) in the CashCrate contest and won an extra $200.00. As you can see. I had 675 referrals that completed their first offer or survey and that is in a short 28 day month. Only one other member did better than I did and he really kicked my butt.



The next screen print is how many referrals I have as of the date of this post:



Finally, the picture below shows my  CashCrate check for February 2009 in the amount of $1,491.28. That amount includes the $200.00 bonus. During February I did not do 1 survey and all that moeny was made from the people I referred. Do I need to say that again? All that money came from my referrals. Every penny of it.

CashCrate Check Payment Proof

So you could be thinking to yourself that these pictures might be faked. If you have spent any amount of time online I am sure you have come across dozens of faked “proof” pictures. It is easy to fake screen prints now days but harder to fake the picture of that $1,491.28 check. Anyway, I am not trying to sell you anything. I am just trying to show you how to take your surveys for money experience to the next level.

There is something you should understand right from the start. I did not get to the point of getting a check like that overnight. In fact it has taken me over a year to learn and understand what I needed to do to get that many referrals. If you do what I will be teaching you on this blog you will not make much right away either. You will have to be patient and keep at it knowing that the end result will be worth it. Is getting a $1,400 check in one month worth it? Only you can decide.

Let me sumarize by saying that not everyone is going to have the desire to keep at it and work at it until they get to the point where they can be making a $1,000 or more a month from paid surveys. Some of you will get bored and lazy and quit. But what I am going to show you can be done with other things as well and you can truly learn to make more money online than you ever thought was really possible. In times like these with the economy being what it is, it seems you might want to pull up a chair and pay attention.