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The question I get asked more than any other is “how do I get CashCrate referrals?’ In the last post I discussed the importance of understanding that the best way to get survey referrals is by having someone click your referral link on a blog or web page and get the¬†credit that way. It sure beats having¬†to have someone correctly enter your referral link manually into their computer after they found your message on a flier.

So how do you get your referral links out and about on the Internet so someone has a chance to click them and sign up? This is the big question and it is not easy to answer in one post. In fact, this whole blog will be about that very question. If you can successfully learn how to do it, you will have become an Internet marketer and will have the opportunity to make a whole lot more money than just the money you can make by signing up people to survey sites like CashCrate.

There are many types of Internet sites. You can see the differences in them by going to places like Ebay.com, CNN.com, YouTube.com, and a million other sites. Each one of them looks different as the Ebay platform is very different looking than the YouTube platform. One of them has auctons and the other has nothing but videos. This is what make the Internet so exciting: the fact that you can make anything you can dream of if you know how.

But you and I probably don’t know how to use Dreamweaver or other software to build this kind of site. So how can you, someone who has very little Internet knowledge, successfully get your link in different places online?

The answer to that question is a blog. Originally a blog was thought to be just an online diary. But now blogs have become way more than just diaries and if you know how to be an Internet marketer, they can be little (or big) money making machines. What you are reading is a blog. It is my blog which is dedicated to showing you how to get online survey referrals. I have paid about $9.50 for this domain name (paidonlinesurveysformoney.com) and I pay $9.95 per month for hosting.

Paying for a domain and then the hosting may be more than you want to invest or even have. Luckily for you, there are free blogging platforms where you can get your own blogs absolutely free. You will have total control over them except that you won’t own them. The most popular free blog platform is Blogger and it is owned by Google. Most people start with a free blog there and that is indeed a great place to begin.

Starting your own blog is the most important thing you can do if you want to learn how to make money online and get paid for surveys. A blog is where you can reel all your survey referrals in and have them sign up under you. A blog is where you can learn how money is made online and put it into practice yourself. A blog is where all the big boys get their CashCrate referrals.