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Make sure you look at my CashCrate check payment proof in the amount of $1,491.28 first and then read my blog from the very beginning to learn how to make referrals to ANY survey site.

When you join any online surveys for money site, you can usually make the most money by referring others. This blog is mostly about CashCrate as that is where I have had the most success but you can also make money by referring others to Inbox Dollars and many other paid survey sites.

If you poke around the CashCrate forums or the Internet in general, there are lists of different ways to get referrals. These lists have on them things like having business cards printed, putting up signs on grocery bulletin boards, handing out fliers on college campuses, and other ideas along those lines. In each of those cases you would have your referral link printed and hope that the person reading your note would put your referral link in when they go to sign up. If they don’t put in your referral #, you get nothing.

In reality, what are the chances that someone is going to remember to actually put in the whole link accurately with your referral number intact? Seriously, it could happen, but it is not going to happen often. Referring others to CashCrate or any other surveys for money site in this manner is just not going to make you much money.

Starting a blog or some other online website is the only real way to get survey referrals and to make moeny online. When you have your own blog, you can put your referral link on it and have people click through your link which will automatically record that you are the referrer. Did you understand that? This link right here —> CashCrate has my referral link in it and will record anyone who signs up through it and give me credit for the sale. I don’t have to worry about them writing it down correctly or typing it in correctly. It automatically takes them to the CashCrate site with my referral link intact.

That is how money is made on the Internet. Every link you click on any page on any website could in some way be making somebody money. Most people have no idea this is what is happening. If you can get your link in front of enough people who want to sign up, you will be in a great position to get some referrals and make some money. It’s that simple.

Tens of millions of people log onto the Internet every day. It might be hundreds of millions but you get the point. A lot more people are surfing the Internet looking for ways to make money than are at your local grocery store reading the boards. If you want to make referrals to CashCrate or any other paid surveys site, the Internet is the place to do it. You have probably heard claims of people making outrageous amounts of money online. Many of those claims are lies and are made up but some of them are true. People really are making money online and most of it is simply by getting people to click or buy things through their links.

If you want to start making referrals to any of the paid survey sites, you need to learn how to do it online. How to make online referrals is the one and only way to make money on the Internet that can be done for almost no initial investment. You can make money by getting referrals to CashCrate or any one of the other online survey sites. But you don’t have to stop there as once you learn how to do it, you can make money in the same fashion by referring people to Ebay, Walmart, Nordstrom, or any one of thousands of other companies. Are you interested in hearing more? Remember, I am not selling you a thing. Just keep reading and ask any questions you have….I will try to answer them.