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In my last post, I discussed the best way to get referrals to CashCrate or any of the other dozens of surveys for money sites and that is by starting a blog. The reason for this is that you can put your referral link in your posts on your blog and get people to click through those links which will automatically give you credit.

Before I talk more about the do’s and don’t of blogs, lets first talk about those of you that already have one. Thousands of people have blogs all promoting their survey links hoping people will sign up. The problem is that none of you with your blogs have traffic. And if you do have some traffic, it is not the right kind of traffic. What do I mean by the right kind of traffic? People who are searching for ways to make money online is the right kind of traffic. All other kinds of traffic are the wrong kind of traffic and won’t make you any money.

Starting a blog, whether it be a .com hosted blog or a free blog from Blogger, is just the first step. Having a blog is great but it accomplishes nothing unless you know how to get people to come to it. There are tens of millions of blogs out there. What makes you think people will come to your blog? How are they going to find your blog amidst all the other millions of blogs?

The saying “if you build it they will come” from the movie Field of Dreams does NOT apply to the Internet. Just building a web site or starting a blog means nothing other than there are a few more pages on the Internet which already contains billions of pages. No one is ever going to find your blog unless you know how to get them there.

Getting traffic to your blog or web site is the single most difficult thing you will have to do if you are going to be successful in making money referring people to any of the surveys for money sites including CashCrate. Take this blog for example. As I write this, my blog has been “live” for 3 days now. So far, not one person has found it or even knows it exists. In fact, Google doesn’t know it exists either because it has not been indexed yet. Right now, there is no possible way anyone could ever find this blog and that is the same position many of your blogs are in.

It is OK for right now that no one knows about this blog. I still need to get at least 5 more posts up before I care and I still haven’t received my CashCrate check proof that I will be posting once I get the check. Once I have a few more posts up I will start to do the things I need to do so that Google knows this blog exists and maybe then a few people will find it. By the time you or anyone ever reads this, the picture of my check will be up.

Getting this blog to the point where people can find it and want to read it is going to be a long upward battle that will require time and patience. But that is fine as I am in this for the long haul and so must you if you are to be successful. In future posts I will be explaining what I am doing to get this blog out there so that the right people can find it. By the “right” people I mean people that are interested in making money and learning how to get paid for surveys by referring. These are the same sort of people that you would want coming to your blog so keep reading.