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The way to make money with CashCrate and any other online surveys for money site is through referrals. Doing the surveys for a .25 cents or .50 cents is hard work when you could be sitting back and letting other people do most of the work for you. Getting lots of referrals is how you get the money to pile up fast and win the referral contests for even more money.

Having your own blog that has your referral link on it is the first step to getting those much needed survey referrals as I have discussed in my last two posts. But in order to get those referrals you need people to be coming to your blog and you need them to be people who are willing to sign up. Those of you who already have blogs know how hard that is to pull off.

Most Bloggers Preach Social Traffic

When you first start blogging you will undoubtedly find other bloggers who will “teach” you how to get traffic. Some of those bloggers might be┬áreal popular bloggers such as ProBlogger or John Chow. These two bloggers and others like them will tell you how to become popular by submitting every post to Digg, StumbleUpon, Twitter, and any number of other Web 2.0 sites. They will write over and over that you have to get your message out there by networking, guest posting, commenting on other blogs, starting your own mailing list, and many other things like that. They will also try to sell you everything under the sun.

You might also find the popular forums like the Warriors forum and Digital Point forums that have hundreds of members all preaching that same crap. Did I say CRAP? You bet I did. The quickest and surest way to make no money is to follow the advice of these “gurus”. They will tell you all about getting tons of social traffic to your blog but will never tell you that you won’t make a dime from it.

Traffic from these social sites is worthless for making money or for getting referrals. Most of this traffic is comprised of other bloggers and people who surf the Internet on a daily basis. These people will never buy anything from you as they are there to read blogs and be entertained. They are not looking to buy anything or sign up for anything.

Targeted Search Traffic Is Different Than Social Traffic

What you need is targeted traffic that comes directly from the search engines. Targeted traffic means any kind of traffic that is searching for whatever you have to sell. For instance, if you have a fishing site, targeted traffic would be those people who find your site by searching in Google for “fishing” “reels” “bait” or any other of a hundred fishing terms. These people would be looking for information about fishing and fishing gear and your fishing site would be a perfect match to supply that information.

In the case of getting survey referrals, you need to find people who would be interested in signing up to CashCrate or any one of the surveys for money sites that are out there. You need people who are looking for ways to make money. People who are specifically looking for money making opportunities is the exact kind of TARGETED TRAFFIC you are looking for. They are the people who will say to themselves, “oh…. CashCrate, sounds interesting. I think I will sign up and see if I can really make some moeny”.

The only way to get targeted traffic is to pay for it (through Google Adwords) or to get it for free by ranking high on the search engines. Ranking high on the search engines is called SEO or search engine optimization. That is how I plan to get this blog visible to as many people as possible who are looking for surveys for money information and how to get referrals. If you ever want to make money by getting large numbers of referrals, you too are going to have to learn how to get your blogs up in the search rankings. Next time I will talk more about this blog and what my plans are for it.