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The domain I bought for this blog is http://paidonlinesurveysformoney.com/. This post will explain why I chose that domain name. You might have heard that the shorter the domain the better or the more memorable the name the better. Well, the name I chose is neither short or memorable so what gives?

First of all, pretty much every short domain name that means anything has been taken. This is 2009 after all, and there are a lot of websites out there and most every name that is really good is gone. However, I am not buying a domain that I want people to remember. I want people to be able to find me in the search engines.

One of the first things that gets your blog ranked in the search engines is your blog URL. If you have a blog that has the name TomsBlog.com you have a big leg up on ranking for “Toms Blog”. But how many people are going to go to the Internet and search for “Toms Blog”? Absolutely no one is. So, the name tomsblog.com does you absolutely no good unless you want to rank for that term.

On a side note here, one of the few good things about a free blog from Blogger or some other free platform is that you can sometimes get a good name for exactly what you want in the URL. Now a Blogger blog will have the “.blogspot.com” after whatever name you choose but the important thing is that you can perhaps get the exact keywords in the front of it. For example, “howtomakemoney.com” would most assuredly be taken but “howtomakemoney.blogspot.com” might still be available (it isn’t but this is just an example). It would be advantageous to have the words “how to make money” in the URL because people actually search for that phrase.

This is the first problem with many of you that already have blogs and are hoping to get CashCrate referrals. You have blogs that are named for terms that will do you no good at all. When you named your blogs names like

http://casholic.blogspot.com/ or
http://whycashcrate.blogspot.com/ or
http://kingofdallas-cashcrater.blogspot.com/ or
http://ezzycashcrate.blogspot.com/ or
http://www.cratey.blogspot.com/ or
http://www.ilovecashcrate.com/ or
http://lifeofwaldo.blogspot.com/ or
http://jaoligirl.webs.com/ or
http://sydneyrocks18-cashcratemoney.blogspot.com/ or
http://www.crateofcash.info/ or

none of those URL’s contain words or phrases that will help you in the search engines. They are fun names but they waste your first opportunity to help the search engines find you.

BTW, those are all real blogs and I am not calling you out or anything if you have followed the link here. I want to help you understand what you might have done wrong and what you can do to correct it so that you can get more CashCrate referrals (and by doing that learn how to make any kind of Internet marketing referral you want to).

If you look closely, the domain I have chosen has six combinations of words that people might serch for. They are:

online surveys
paid online surveys
surveys for money
online surveys for money
paid surveys
paid surveys for money

So, although the domain name is long and unmemorable, it has the search terms in it that I hope to use to get some targeted search traffic. Remember that I am not hoping to have people remember the name and type it in on their computers to find this blog. I am hoping to get traffic mostly from the search engines when people search for any combination of words I have targeted. The above 6 keyword phrases are just some of the phrases I hope to rank for.

If you start a new blog, make that WHENEVER you start a new blog, you need to have a strategy. That strategy involves how you are going to get search engine traffic to your blog and what keywords you are hoping to pull people in with. Without a strategy you will have nothing more than one of the millions of blogs that no one reads and are eventually abandoned by their owners because they give up. If you want to make money with surveys for money and CashCrate referrals, you need to have a plan from day 1 of your blog. The URL you choose is just the beginning.