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This blog is all about how to get referrals and make more money from the paid online survey sites, especially CashCrate. If you stumbled on this post you really need to go back to the beginning and read all my posts along with looking at my $1,491.28 CashCrate check payment proof. If you want to learn how to make money by making survey referrals, this is the place where you will learn how.

In my last post I started the discussion about the importance of having a plan with your blog and targeting specific keywords to get traffic. So many people start a blog with no plan and think (hope really) that visitors will just start showing up. I know this because I was once one of the clueless people starting a blog and having absolutely no idea how get traffic to come to it. That was years ago before I learned how to make online survey referrals. Folks, the Internet is not magic and unless you do certain things, NO ONE WILL EVER FIND YOUR BLOG! Period.

Many of you are taken in with trying to get traffic to your blogs from the social websites that are all the rage right now. I’m talking about sites like Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon. Getting traffic from these sites is what all the “A-List” bloggers preach and most people go down that line all the way to failure. Social traffic will not convert for survey referrals or any other kind of referrals you want to make to make extra cash. You need targeted search engine traffic and not social traffic to make money online.

The only way people are ever going to find your blog is if it shows up in the search engines (Google) on the FIRST page for specific search terms you are strategically targeting. Targeted traffic for someone hoping to make referrals to any of the online surveys for money sites would be people searching for ways to make money. You need to think about who and what type of people need money, what they are searching  for, and go after them.

Most people who start a CashCrate blog are hoping to get visitors who search for CashCrate. I know this because they use “CashCrate” or some variation of that in their URL and title. I know that because that is all they talk about: how great CashCrate is and how they are making money with it. Meanwhile they make a referral here and there but it never adds up to much and they only get a few visitors. Most of their visitors have probably already heard of and signed up for CashCrate anyway and they have no chance of making a referral.

So, how are the people who do so well in the referral contests making all those referrals? Again I show you the results for the February contest where the 10th place person had 361 active referrals in just one month all the way up to the 1st place winner with over 1000 active CashCrate referrals! Since probably only 50% of referrals become active for anyone, all these people were probably signing up at least double the numbers you see on the chart!  

CashCrate Contest

Many of you that will read this blog may never get that many active referrals in your lifetime. I am not saying that to be condescending but just because I know it is true. I see on the CashCrate forum when people get all excited and brag that they made 2 or 3 referrals in a day. Then there is the thread where everyone tells each other how much they have made for the month. Poster after poster is ecstatic if they make enough just to meet the payment threshold for the month! I can tell you I am unhappy when I make less than $50 in a DAY!

If you don’t change the way you are doing things and learn the right way to get paid surveys  for money referrals,you will never have numbers like you see in the graph shown above. I can also tell you that those people  have not targeted the keyword “CashCrate” to bring in those referrals. There probably are hardly that many searches for the term in total for the month.

The people who know how to make referrals bring people in from the back door. By this I mean they are finding people who are searching for something unrelated to CashCrate but related to making money. You have to think to yourself: Who would be interested in making money and what would they be searching for? If you can find people who want to find ways to make money, you have found the perfect type of people who might be interested in signing up. Finding people who want to make money online is the exact targeted traffic you are searching for and trying to find.

Here are some possible types of web surfers and keywords that would make the perfect kind of targeted traffic for any paid surveys blog hoping to make referrals:

college students
just laid off
just lost job
need a job
make extra money
earn spending money
earn extra cash
part time jobs
night time jobs
seniors looking for jobs
how to make money

If you use your imagination, that list can go on and on into the hundreds of terms I am sure. In each case above, that type of person or people searching for those things would be potential referrals to CashCrate. Also, those people would probably have never heard of CashCrate before so they are just the ones you need to target. In short, you need to find people who are looking to make some extra spending money and have never heard of CashCrate. That is the type of targeted traffic you seek to explode your online survey referrals and start to make more money than you ever thought you could. Those are the terms you need to build your blogs around.