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This is the most important post I have written to date on this blog. This is the post were you really learn how to get targeted search engine traffic to your blog and start making paid surveys referrals. This post will tell you what making money on the Internet is all about: anchored backlinks.

Up until now I have just talked about picking keywords to target and build your blog around. These are the words people will type into Google and if you have done things right, your blog will pop up on the first page of the search engines and you will have the type of laser targeted traffic you need to convert into survey referrals.

Once you pick your keywords that you want people to find you through, what is the next step to actually getting your blog to start rising in the search engine rankings for those words? What makes your blog stand out from all the others that also use those same words?

The first thing you have to do is write posts around those words and use those words within the posts. You need to structure your post titles and the body of your posts around those keywords. For instance, if you want to go after people looking for how to get referrals to CashCrate, you need to write posts about how to get referrals to CashCrate. If you get bored and start writing posts on your blog about camping outdoors, it won’t help you reach the people you are trying to target.

Ideally you need to keep your blog on topic and on target. If you are also interested in writing about camping outdoors, start another blog about that. Keep each blog to one subject or one general subject area. Unfortunately though, that alone won’t help your blog enough to start it climbing the rankings. Anchored back links will.

Anchored backlinks are links to your blog which have the words you are targeting in them. With this blog I am hoping to find people looking for paid online surveys and that is an anchored link. The more of those anchored links I can get pointing to this blog from other blogs, websites, and what have you, the more authority this blog will have for that term.

Let me explain with this example. When you go to Google and type in anything you are searching for (lets use the words how to get referrals), Google has a big decision to make. How does it know which sites to pull up? I am sure there are tens of thousand of sites that have the words how to get referrals somewhere in them or are about that topic. Remember, there are BILLIONS of sites on the Internet. Google prides itself on being the best search engine and so it had to figure out a way to pull the best sites up first and then the farther you go down the list the weaker the matches get.



Above you can see what you get when you type those words into Google with ” ” around them. It shows 50,900 sites with the exact words how to get referrals.

Now if you type in how to get referrals without the ” “, you get the results as seen below. It looks like there are 14,400,000 sites with those words or some combination of those words out there on the Internet. Thats 14 MILLION! Now, a lot of those sites will be easy to beat because they don’t have those exact words but either way you look at it, there are a lot of sites ahead of you and somehow you have to pass all of them if you want that exact traffic.



A simplistic way of explaining links, anchored links, and anchored backlinks is that Google has decided that an anchored link to a site is a vote for that site. So, when I make a link to this site with the wordshow to get online survey referrals“, I have just told Google that I think this site is about how to get online survey referrals. My other two links toward sthe top of this post also tell Google that my site is for slightly different things as well. Each anchored link is a “vote” for my site being about whatever the link says it is.

This is a very complicated subject that could never be covered in one post. All links are not of equal value and the three that I have put in this post won’t really help a whole lot but they won’t hurt. What I need for this blog, and what you need for your blogs, are as many anchored links that you can get from other blogs and websites that all have the keyword terms you are shooting for.

So, going back to the “how to get referrals” scenario from above, if that is what your blog was about, you would need as many anchored incoming links from other blogs and websites that all had to do with that subject. You would want everyone to link to your blog using any variety of terms that all had to do with ‘referrals’, and “how to get”. Some examples might be:

how to make referrals
how to make CashCrate referrals
how to refer
how to get survey referrals
how to make online surveys referrals
how to get more survey referrals
how to refer people to CashCrate
how to make paid surveys referrals

These are all keyword terms that you would love to have people link to you with if you had a blog specifically about making referrals to the survey sites. This would build your blog’s authority for all those terms and eventually you would move up the search engine rankings (SERPS) and be on the first page of Google for many of those phrases.

There are many ways to make money on the Internet and one of them is with blogs. Whether they are free blogs or not, you can make money with blogs if you know how to get referrals to the surveys for money sites. Really it comes down to doing three things: keyword research, writing content, and getting links. All three of those things are important but once you have done the first two, it is all about the links. You can never get enough targeted anchored backlinks and most of your time should be spent getting them. Much more about this in future posts.