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If you want to make CashCrate referrals and get paid to take surveys, you have to do what my title says. Most of the people who will read this surveys for money blog are going to be beginners and unfortunately, most will ignore this whole post. Actually, most will ignore this whole blog because reading all of it is too hard. Reading it is hard and then actually doing it is even harder. That is why 99% of the people who try to make money online and get paid for surveys give up and quit. Everyone wants a way to make instant cash and they think the Internet is the gateway to that free instant cash. When they find out you actually have to work to make money online, they quit.

The temptation for noobs to hang out in forums and social networking sites like Twitter is apparently overwhelming. One of the reasons for this is because newbies have absolutely no idea how to make money and they want to hang out with people who seemingly do know how. I know this because I did it too when I first started out. I had a handful of forums where I read all the posts and all the replies and it seemed like everyone knew so much.

Every day I would log on hoping to read the magic post that would give me a secret way to make a cash generating machine online. The Internet is so complicated that I thought everyone knew some quick ways to make money online that I didn’t. I also hoped to read about some way to make easy, quick, effortless, instant cash. Be honest with yourself, is that you? You know it is but its OK because almost everyone does it when they are just starting.

The desire to be with like minded people is fine except when those people are just as clueless as you are. Unfortunately, make money forums are populated by newbies telling newbies how to make money. Noobs helping noobs. Noobs trying to fake it until they make it. All you do on forums is waste your time hoping to learn something from someone else who doesn’t know a damn thing. I guess misery loves company and that is why all the losers hang out there.

Sure there are some stand up people on the forums and some of them even genuinely want to help others. But probably 95%+ of the people on these online forums don’t really have a clue about making money. Remember, the Internet is the one place where you never have to prove yourself to anyone and you can even fake it if you know how.

But my CashCrate check proof is real and I can tell you I hardly ever go on forums anymore. Do you know why? It is because I am way too busy doing the things I need to do to make money. Time is precious and I don’t have time to waste reading all the junk pumped out by forum noobs pretending to be gurus. Once you start making money online you will understand this more than you might now. Until you start making your own money, I know the desire to “be part of the group” will keep you hanging out at the forums hoping to find the magic money making potion.

The social sites like Twitter, FaceBook, StumbleUpon, and others are much the same story. These sites are really social gathering places and if that is your sort of thing that’s great. There is nothing wrong with making friends and acquaintances online, just don’t expect to make much money from those sources. I know it’s cool to hang out with others and make friends but that is not how you make money.

You need targeted traffic to make money and not social traffic. You will never make money until you understand that and believe it. I know social traffic is a lot more fun and so you need to make a decision. Do you want to have fun or make money? There are a few people who are talented enough to combine the two and they do that by having a VERY popular blog. If you get thousands of visitors to your blog every day, you might be able to pull it off. But for most of us average Joes, we don’t have the writing talent and an interesting enough life to make thousands of people want to read our blogs every day. For us, we need targeted search engine traffic to make CashCrate referrals and you won’t find that in the forums or social websites.