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This blog is about how to get referrals to your paid online surveys sites with a focus on CashCrate as that seems to be the best survey site for referrals. If you have not read the posts before this one, you should go back and read from the beginning as a lot has been covered before this.

In order to get online CashCrate referrals, you need a blog that is centered on one main topic (niche). That topic ultimately has to involve making money or the need to make money otherwise your readers would never have the desire to sign up to CashCrate. In order to get people to your blog (traffic), you need targeted organic search engine traffic from Google and you need to be at minimum on the 1st page of Google for as many search terms possible that are related to your niche.

When you get on the first page of Google (and especially in the top 3 spots) you will get traffic as long as you are there for keywords that people type in. In other words, if you own the top spot on Google for “intelligent blue ants”, you won’t get any traffic because no one will ever look for that. So, having the top spot or being on the first page for things that no one searches for will do you no good whatsoever.

However, if you are in the top spot for “paid online surveys“, you will get traffic because those three terms are searched for many times everyday. The trick is to get your blog on Google’s first page for terms that are searched. If you can do that, the more the terms are searched, the more money you will make (provided you figure out how to monetize your incoming traffic).

This is another post on the importance of getting anchored back links to your blogs which will create blog authority. When you start a blog, you want it to be about something specific and for it to gain authority for that subject. Most people start a blog with no goal or plan and it meanders all over the place. One day they write about gardening and the next they write about the great movie they just saw. Ultimately they have posts about a huge variety of things and blog authority for nothing. What this means is that Google has no idea about what their blog is about so they never rank high for anything.

The blogs that make money are centered around one subject and have tons of authority for that subject. Celebrity blogs are hot right now (the top ones make tens of thousands of dollars a month) and they have authority for anything to do with Hollywood, movies, movie stars, and celebrities in general. They only post about celebrities and many of the incoming back links are anchored for celebrities. This steady stream of incoming links about celebrities tells Google that the blog is about celebrities. Make sense?

When I started this blog, I knew I wanted it to be about getting “CashCrate referrals” along with anything else to do with making money with “paid online surveys” and “surveys for money“. There is hardly any competition for the two words “CashCrate referrals” and as I check right now, I am already on the first page of Google in 9th spot for that term. I was able to accomplis this because, unfortunately for me, not that many people search for that term and there is very little competition for it. Because there is so little competition, I believe I will be able to get to the top spot (or close to it) without too much trouble.

The more competition there is for a term, the harder it is to get to Google’s front page and then up to the top three spots. Of course this makes sense because everyone wants to rank for the popular terms so they can get readers and make money. If you get to the top spot easily without many links or much work, it probably means there is not much demand for those words and not too many people type them in. My blue ant scenario from above is this exact situation. Since there is no demand for those words (why would there be?) this post will most likely be on the first page and maybe even position #1 without any links at all. This is because absolutely no one else cares and is targeting the term.

The way your blog must get authority for any keyword or keywords is through anchored back links. Continually writing posts about the subject helps but ultimately it is the links that matter. Anchored back links are the single most important thing you have to learn about online. They are what make the difference between making money and starving. I read somewhere once that you should spend 20% of your time writing content and 80% of your time getting anchored links.

Remember that anchored links are NOT links like this: http://paidonlinesurveysformoney.com/

That link tells Google nothing about what this blog is about and that kind of link is absolutely USELESS. An unanchored link or a link that is anchored incorrectly is USELESS.

In the next post I will talk more about anchored links, what they look like, how to make them, and how to get them. If you have any questions please leave a comment and if you want to make sure you don’t miss a post please make sure you subscribe to my feed at the upper right of my blog.