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If you are a blogger who wants to get traffic and referrals for the paid online surveys sites like CashCrate, you should care about anchored back links. The only way you are going to be able to get sustainable targeted traffic is if you get blog authority for your keywords with anchored back links. Put another way, the only way you are going to make money with your blog is if you go out and get anchored links.

Lets hypothetically say that Lisa discovers CashCrate and wants to start a blog and get referrals. She starts a free Blogger blog and calls it “CashCrate is Great” and it’s URL is http://cashcrateisgreat.blogspot.com.

Let’s also say that Lisa, like most bloggers, knows nothing about search engine optimization, keywords, how to get traffic, how to get links, what links are, what anchored links are, etc. She just wants to start a blog to tell the world how great CashCrate is and hopes people will read it and sign up. She has no plan and she has no knowledge of how to execute a plan even if she did have a plan.

This, unfortunately, is what many people do when they first start out to try and make money online. Many of the people who sign up for CashCrate hang out in the forums or hear one way or another that the best way to get traffic is by starting a blog. They don’t know anything more than that so they start a blog. Then they put up a few posts, maybe a few CashCrate tips, maybe even a picture of their last check.

And then they wait for people to come.

And they wait.

But no one comes.

And so they wait some more.

And still no one comes.

Then they get discouraged and either quit or go back to the forum and proudly put their blog URL in their forum signature and tell people “Hey I started a blog come check it out”. They might even go to other forums and put their blog in their signature and then make lots of posts hoping to get traffic from those forums. They might spend hours a day doing this: signing up to all the forums they can find and trolling the boards looking for threads where they can make a comment and leave their links. That is a lot of hard work.

And then they go back to their blog and wait some more.

And wait some more.

They keep checking their stats but hardly anyone is showing up.

Oh, they might get a bit of traffic and they might even get a few signups. But nothing to write home about and it is extremely boring trolling those boards everyday looking for threads where they can post a comment and leave their signature with CashCrate link. 

Finally they give up or go back yet again to the CashCrate forum just to hang out. One thing they don’t realize is that the people at the CachCrate forum have already signed up for CashCrate. You can’t make many referrals at a place where everyone has already signed up! Yes, you can make some money at forums where they haven’t heard of Cash Crate but again, who wants to spend the rest of their life leaving meaningless posts on forum message boards hoping someone will click their link? I know I certainly don’t.  

What you need is for people to be able to find your blog on their own without you having to scour the forums every day. You need to get your blog on the first page of Google for as many CashCrate and make money related keywords as you can so that they will come to you. You want your blog to be a store with an open door where the customers just come in all by themselves from the street! 

So, why then should you care about getting anchored back links? If you choose a plan of action and the right keywords, with enough anchored back links the people will come to you. Your blog will be on the first page of Google and you will just sit there and people will find you. If they are targeted visitors who need or want money, you will have a good chance of signing them up. You will have a good chance of making lots of survey referrals and making money.

Unfortunately, getting anchored back links is hard work. Unless you have a spectacular blog with extremely interesting articles and posts, people will not just link to you. And if they do, most of them will not link to you using the anchor text you want them to. Alas, nothing is ever that easy is it?

What you will have to do is go out and get those anchored links. This can be done in many different ways using many different methods but in order to get your blogs to the top of Google and get those Cashcrate referrals, it has to be done. Those methods will be the topics of many of my future posts I am sure.