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Note: if you have jumped onto this page from the search engines please first take a look at my CashCrate check proof of $1,491.28.

Wait a minute, there is no easy way to get paid for surveys referrals. I can already tell by some of the comments that many people just want to start a blog, whip up a few posts, and sit back and watch the referrals come in. THIS IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! Unfortunately in our society everyone wants things right away. That’s why there is so much credit card debt: because people have to have things right now and can’t wait until they actually have the money or have earned them.

99% of the people who go online to make money fail or quit. You know why? Because they never figure out how and if they do, they realize it will be too much work. Most people who read this post and this blog will give up or never try. That is because making money online and getting CashCrate referrals is HARD and it takes WORK!

I’m sorry but that is the truth. There is no easy way to make money online. Period. If there were, we would all be rich right now. If anyone could jump online and make quick easy cash wouldn’t everyone be doing it? Who would bother with a job if it were that easy to make money on the Internet? Who would be waiting tables, checking people out at the grocery store, and growing the food we all eat? Everyone would be online getting rich.

This is a short message I got from someone yesterday after they took a look at my blog:

So…basically I get traffic from google onto a blog; refer people with a signup link that has me as their referer, and thats how I get 1.5k a month? haha, I dont think i have the technology savvy to do that.

Unfortunately many of you will give up for that reason too. You will determine it is just too hard to figure everything out. I can tell you I have spent thousands of hours learning what I know now including hundreds of hours doing things the wrong way and basically spinning my wheels. But if you read this blog, I can cut much of that learning curve out for you. But it still won’t be easy and you will have to do a lot of work if you want to make good money.

Why does everyone think it will be so easy? You study 12 years in school and then many of you go on to 4 or more years in college. Was that easy? Why did you bother? Why do you keep going with your education but end up quiting this when you find out it will take some work? If you want to make money online, just like anywhere else, you will have to learn how to do it. There isn’t any other way. You can’t just slap up a blog and start making money. IF YOU THINK THIS IS WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN THEN YOU ARE GOING TO GIVE UP AND FAIL.

I know many of you will always think there is some easy formula or secret and you will keep searching for it. You will probably blow off this blog and go elsewhere convinced there is an easier way. When you fail to find it you will probably quit. But instead of quiting, why don’t you come back here to learn how to make money and CashCrate referrals the right way.

I am aware you want to know how to get traffic to your blogs. Again, you are hoping it will be simple. “Just tell me how to get traffic to my blog” you are probably thinking. WELL GUESS WHAT? I have already started to do that in all the posts before this one and probably for six months after this one.

Making money online is all about the traffic. This blog is about 3 weeks old now and I have very little of it. IT MAY BE 6 MONTHS OR MORE BEFORE I START TO GET DECENT TRAFFIC. Do I wish I could get traffic sooner? Of course I do! But so do a BILLION other websites out there. If you want to learn how to get targeted traffic keep reading my blog and keep getting anchored links. I will cover some ways to get them in the next post.