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Note: before you start reading please see my $1,491.28 CashCrate check proof. This blog is about how to make money by getting affiliate commissions and CashCrate referrals.
If you want to start a blog so that you can try to get some CashCrate referrals, you don’t have to buy a domain and pay for hosting. If you end up being successful at making money, you will eventually want to invest in your own domains but when you first start out there is absolutely no need to buy your own URL/domain.

If I were starting again without anything, Blogger would be my choice of blogging platform. They are free and they allow you to put Adsense on your sites as well as affiliate links and banners. You might hear some other bloggers and Internet marketers say bad things about Blogger but I would ignore them. They will say it is ugly, they will say it for beginners, and they will say you should buy a domain. Ignore all that and start with your free Blogger blog. I myself have some Blogger blogs that make money and I know a lot more people who do as well.

Weebly is a second choice that is perfectly acceptable but they are different to learn. To me, Weebly is more confusing and I think Blogger might be quicker and easier to master. For both Blogger and Weebly you can make as many blogs as you like.



Once you have your main blog, you need to get links to that blog. I will cover this more in my next post but listed below are some more resources to get links. One of the ways you will need to get links is to build more blogs as well as Squidoo pages, HubPages, and then write articles.

Again, this is NOT EASY! All the people you see who brag in the CashCrate forums about how much they are making and how many referrals they have, own multiple blogs. Some of them have 10 or more blogs plus countless Squidoo lenses and so on. They won’t tell you much about what they do or how many blogs they have and they don’t want you to know. But I know that the successful ones have many different websites all working together or targeting different things.  

If you are going to make money online, you need to own as many resources as you can. You need to be able to give yourself some links and some link juice from your own sites. You need to be able to put feelers out there (think Squidoo) that will help bring people in to your main site. You also need to use these other sites for those valuable anchored back links.



Another way you get anchored links is to write articles and submit them to article directories. These articles have a bio box where you will put a couple of anchored links back to your sites. These one way links from your articles will help your site get recognized for the keyword terms you want and they may bring a visitor or two. Keep in mind though that you will be writing these article for the LINKS and not for the few people who they will bring in. The two free article directories below are the best ones and EzineArticles is the absolute best. There are hundreds of article directories out there but EzineArticles is the one you want to make sure you never forget.



Again, those guys (and gals) you see on the forums who are CashCrate Elites and talk about their referrals all have MANY BLOGS or websites. This is like a business and you need as many assets as you can get. Actually it is a business to some people as they make affiliate sales and survey referrals for a living.

REMEMBER, once you learn how to get paid for surveys and make Cash Crate referrals, you can make money the same way referring people to hundreds of different things. There are absolutely hundreds (probably thousands) of companies that have some sort of referral program and they are all willing to give you a small cut for bringing them online business. The more you learn, the more you test, the more you experiment, and the more blogs and online assets you own, the more money you can make!