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There are many reasons why most of the people trying to make Cash Crate referrals fail.

1) The biggest reason is that they are beginners and just don’t know how to get referrals. They don’t know much about  blogging, Internet marketing, SEO, or making money online. This is not to disparage them, it is just a fact. I know because I was totally clueless when I started.

2) The second reason is that they really don’t know anything about how to get targeted traffic to their blogs. Most don’t know how to get any kind of traffic to their blogs much less traffic that converts. Remember, there are MILLIONS of blogs out there and theirs is just another one of them. I know they think that their blog is THE BEST blog but in reality it is just one of millions.

Anyway, most CashCrate blogs are a rehash of the same old stuff. If you have a blog about CashCrate or any of the surveys for money sites, take a good look at it. Then take a look at your friend’s blogs. I’ll bet they have the same stuff on their blogs as you do on yours. C’mon, admit it. You know it’s true. There are thousands of CashCrate related blogs out there with basically the same stuff rehashed and rehashed again: the same tips, the same excitement over receiving a check, the same “sign up under me”. Why would anyone read it even if they could find it?

3) The third mistake is that most people spend all their time in forums leaving replies to threads hoping that someone will click the link in their signature. They jump from forum to forum all day leaving their posts with their links. I know, some people have had some success with this method but that is not a long term solution. Is that what they want to do the rest of their life: spending hours a day reading and leaving forum posts hoping people will click their links? How long can they keep that up before they get bored out of their mind and quit?

4) The fourth mistake that 99% of the CashCrate bloggers make is that their whole blog is only about CashCrate! HEY, what’s wrong with that you ask? Again, everyone is only talking about CashCrate and how great it is and “sign up after me”. If they are super lucky, they are hoping to get to the first page of Google for “CashCrate” and pretty much nothing else. Everyone has blinders on and can’t see past the word CashCrate.

When a new CashCrate blogger sets out to get referrals and starts their first blog, what do 99% of them have in the title or URL? They all name it CashCrate this, CashCrate that, Cash this, Cash that, I love CashCrate, CashCrate is cool, or CashCrate is the bomb. Do you understand that they are all targeting the same very, very small group of people who happen to be looking for CashCrate of which many might already have signed up?

The thing they need to learn is that there is a whole HUGE Internet world out there and creativity will in the end get the most referrals. The people who win the referral contests and get tons of referrals every day are getting their signups from blogs about subjects other than CashCrate. If you want to get paid for surveys through referrals, you need to use your imagination.

Do you understand that? You can probably make more CashCrate referrals by starting a blog about how hard it is to be unemployed than you can by starting a blog about CashCrate. If you want to make lots of CashCrate referrals, start a blog about anything OTHER THAN CashCrate! All it needs to do is to target a group of people who need money.

Lets explore some of the groups who might need money. This would include people who are:

laid off
feaful of getting laid off
between jobs
getting married and need money
saving for a car
saving for anything
want money to buy video games
college kids
high school kids
in debt and need money
in need of money for dates
interested in online poker and need money
work from home Moms
work from home Dads
looking for a side income
looking for an online income

The bigger your imagination, the bigger this list and the possibilities will become. Making a blog about any one of these subjects will give you the opportunity to make CashCrate referrals if you get your target audience to come to your blog. People searching for any one of those terms or subjects has most likely never heard of CashCrate and they need money! That is exactly what you want.

So, the next blog you set up, make it about something other than CashCrate. Once you have your blog established (which will take time and effort), you will then have the perfect place to get new CashCrate referrals.