web analytics


The key to getting CashCrate referrals is getting targeted traffic from the search engines and you need to have a way to monitor and keep track of that traffic. The best free tool to do this is StatCounter and you can use it for as many blogs as you want.

StatCounter will work on all WordPress self hosted blogs and most importantly it will work on Blogger blogs. There is a whole list of blog platforms it is compatible with so if you have something else, sign up and investigate. Again it is free for the basic account and that is all you will ever really need.

You will have to follow instructions on how to set it up properly but once you do, it will keep track of the most recent 500 hits to any of your blogs or websites that it is installed on. Five hundred hits is more than enough and you will never need to upgrade to get more although you can if you like. You can see a picture of what some of the traffic looks like for this blog so far below.

Blog Traffic

Right now, you can tell that there is just a hodgepodge of words and no real trend that has materialized yet. A couple of the searches were for backlinks, a few for survey referrals, and a few more for some sort of proof of payment search. At this point, all that information is useless to me because I am interested only in finding a trend that I can identify. Maybe something like get paid for surveys or some other keyword phrase that might have potential.

You need a stat tool like this because you need to see what keywords people are using to find you and then you can go get anchored links for those keywords and move up even further. When you write your posts, you may be targeting a certain keyword or keyword phrase but sometimes you will find that people find your blog by searching for groups of words you never thought of. This is the tool that will help you find those hidden keyword phrases that you can take advantage of. If you don’t have such a tool and you never keep track of how people are finding your blog, you can never do the proper link building you need to do to get your blog higher in the search rankings.

Many people who start CashCrate blogs just have a few posts and one or two pages. This limits the amount of material that is on their blog and the different ways people can find them. The longer you make your posts and the more posts you make ulimately will help you find keyword phrases that you might never have thought of that can make you money. Getting CashCrate referrals is not easy and you have to work to get them. Those that work harder and put more material on their blog and make their blogs look professional will have a better chance (with correct link building) of getting referrals than someone who just slaps something up and calls it a day.

Of course there are exceptions to what I have just said. You can put up a one page blog and if you hit the exact right set of keywords or are in the right niche, you might get traffic and be able to keep it coming. That doesn’t happen very often though and the best way to increase your chances of being successful with getting referrals to the surveys for money sites is to make a good looking blog, write long targeted keyword posts, and constantly get anchored backlinks. Then you need to keep track of the hits you are getting with a tool like StatCounter and look for keyword trends so that you can take advatage of those opportunities as well.