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The best thing I did when I set out to make money online over two years ago was to start a flagship blog. I had read that people were making money with their blogs, some people lots of money, and I thought I was a good enough writer to perhaps make money as well. I didn’t really understand very much back then and I especially didn’t understand a thing about how to make money with my new blog. 

I Almost Quit Which Would Have Been A Big Mistake

The first 8 months I was clueless and I wrote as much and as often as I could hoping people would love what I wrote and flock to my blog. A few of my posts got Stumbled and I was getting somewhere between 50 and 100 uniques a day. The thing was though, I wasn’t making any money. What is the purpose of spending so much time online if you are not going to be compensated? I was never here for the fame, only the money and I wasn’t making any.

Luckily, just as I was going to quit I found a source that revealed what you need to do to make money online which is what this blog is all about. You need to get targeted traffic to your blog from the search engines and NOT social traffic.

Why You Need A Flagship Blog

Anyway, that blog that I almost gave up is now one of my flagship blogs. This one could be as well someday as you can see how much writing and effort has gone into it so far. So, what exactly is a flagship blog and why do you need one?

A flagship blog is a blog you can point people to that almost acts as an online resume. It establishes your online presence and it is a blog that you will periodically update as long as you are making money online. You shouldn’t mind updating it however, as you should be able to make money with it. For me at least, it is much easier to work and spend time on something that is making me money.

Affiliate Networks Need To See Proof

You especially need a flagship blog so that you can join the affiliate networks. Making CashCrate referrals is only one of the hundreds of programs that you can join as an affiliate and make money with. CashCrate has a great referral program but you can only make so much with it. Once you become successful at making CashCrate referrals, you will want to branch out and make money with other ones as well. Trust me, you will.

Some of the affiliate networks you will want to join are MarketLeverage, Commission Junction, Neverblue CPA Network, ROI Rocket, the Ebay affiliate program, Adsense, and there are others. You need to join these networks so that you will have a big selection of products in many different industries to try to get leads and sales for. You are going to want to promote things other than CashCrate and these networks are where you will find many of your companies and products to sell.

Unfortunately, these affiliate networks will not let just anyone sign up. They want to see who you are, what type of Internet marketing you do, and determine whether they want to let you in. With CashCrate you were in automatically but with these networks you have to have something to show.  A couple of these companies (MarketLeverag and Neverblue) will even want to speak to you on the phone. Sort of a mini job interview / Q & A answering session.

Stop Making Spam Blogs

This is where your flagship blog comes in. I was lucky that by the time I applied to these networks I had my flagship blog to point them to. Once they took a look at that, they could see I had been around for almost a year, the blog was of medium to high quality and I was accepted right away. Take note, my blog wasn’t a spam blog with one or two pages promoting CashCrate. You might want to take this into consideration when you start a blog and try to make it as high a quality blog as possible.

Most of the blogs I see promoting CashCrate are nothing more than a page or two of spam. They are low quality and they all say the same thing:

1) Do you want to get paid for surveys?
2) Have you ever heard of CashCrate?
3) You can make great money with CashCrate
4) Here is a check payment proof picture
5) Make sure you use my link
6) Here is a tip or two
7) Don’t forget to use my link!

This kind of blog is not really a blog but just a page of spam. It takes little effort to do and if someone does find it they will probably click out right away. It is most certainly NOT a flagship blog and will not get you into any of the affiliate networks.

You Have To Work Hard To Make Referrals And Money Online

To make CashCrate referrals and to make money online you have to put in effort. Just like with anything else in life, you have to work hard to succeed. If you put out crap you will get crap in return. Start a blog today that you can be proud of. It won’t be great right from the start as you will have to learn how to write better and learn what works and what doesn’t. Keep at it and build your online resume. This business of making CashCrate referrals and money online is a long term endeavor and you need to start now so that you can be successful at making money in the future.