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One of the best ways to get anchored backlinks to your CashCrate blog is to make friends with other bloggers. If you want to be a success at making money getting referrals, you need to make friends so that you can help each other out.

This might seem strange at first that you actually want to make friends with your competitors. After all, every other blog out there that promotes any of the survey sites is your competition. There are hundreds of CashCrate blogs and they are all trying to do the same thing: get CashCrate referrals and make money. If you help each other out, won’t you be helping out your competition?

Making Friends Is Always The Best Option

The answer to that is that in most cases, two blog owners can help each other whether they are competing or not. This is another reason why it is important to pick keywords you think you can rank for and try to stay focused at moving up Google with those keywords. There are only 10 spots on Google’s 1st page and that means everyone can not rank for the word “CashCrate”. When you find someone to exchange links with, they really should be targeting different words than you. I have talked about that in this post about how to get survey referrals.You need to think creatively when targeting words and find keyword combinations that are searched for and are not directly related to CashCrate.

Even if you find someone who is targeting the exact same keywords as you, is it still beneficial to trade links with them? It is and this is because you will both be strengthening your keyword authority for your keywords. Remember, every anchored link that you give out and that you get back in is telling Google what you blog is about or what the blog you are linking to is about.

3 Way Link Trades Are Best

Trading links 1 to 1 with someone is OK but it is not the best option. If I link to your blog and you link right back to mine, all we are doing is passing Google juice back and forth. It is obvious to Google that this was arranged and so the value of the links is less than if someone links to you from out of the blue. Ideally, you want to have links coming into your blog and not going out to the same places.

As an example, lets say you write the most spectacular article or post on your blog that has ever been written. This article is so fabulous that all the major networks pick it up and link to it. CNN, Fox, ABC, NBC and all the others have blogs and news services on the Internet and they all link to your spectacular article of the century. So do hundreds of other blogs and the visitors stream in to your site by the thousands. Of course this is fantasy for the normal blog owner but in that case all the incoming links would happen because of something you wrote and people would be linking to you voluntarily and you would NOT be linking back to them.  

This is what Google likes to see: one way links. In that example, Google would very quickly figure out that with all the links streaming in to your site from all the news sites that your article was something spectacular and newsworthy. All those links would tell them what the article was about and they would most likely quickly rank it in spot #1 on the 1st page of the search engine.

You Need More Than One Blog

In order to get 3 way link exchanges where your links don’t cross, you really need to have more than one blog. If you just have one blog and the other person has only one blog as well, you are pretty limited in your options. If you each have multiple blogs though, you can figure out ways to exchange links and get the most out of them.

The quality of your blogs will also matter at some point as people don’t want to be exchanging links with blogs that look like crap or like spam. I know it is very difficult to write quality material when you are just starting out but it is to your advantage to start a flagship blog that you take ownership of and work hard on. Unfortunately most people will fail at making CashCrate referrals and money online because they just don’t have the time or want to work hard enough to do this.

The more successful you become at making survey referrals,the more you will understand the value of making friends, exchanging links and favors, and having at least one quality blog. You want to grow your assets into something that people will want to exchange links with and that means putting in some time and effort on at least one blog. Not every blog has to be your best but when the opportunity crops up for a possible link exchange, it would be nice to have at least one blog you are proud of and not embarrassed by. Remember, make as many friends as you can, exchange anchored links, watch your blog move up in the SERPS, and you will start to make some CashCrate referrals.