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BlogCommentDemon 2 Review – BLOG COMMENT DEMON 2

Blog Commenting

Up until now I haven’t talked about commenting on other blogs as a way to get anchored backlinks because I absolutely hate doing it. Of all the things I have ever done online in an attempt to make money, searching for do-follow blogs to post comments to is the most boring. I hate it, absolutely despise it…did I already say that? I also haven’t written about do-follow and no-follow links but I will do that at another time. Let it be said though, that if you want to get survey referrals from your blog and checks like this CashCrate check, you need anchored backlinks and blog commenting is another way to get them.

Commenting on other people’s blogs with your ANCHOR TEXT as your name will give your blog an anchored backlink. Ideally you want to do this on posts that are related to your blog, have a PR, and are posts that give out do-follow links. You can find many lists of this type of blog on the Internet (but usually they are wrong) and you can search for these blogs on your own. If there is anything that is more time consuming and boring please let me know.

BlogCommentDemon 2 has just come out and it is another quality product from Edwin Brian. I also have his BookMarkingDemon tool and it is of the highest quality as well. This guy just puts out great software and it always comes with a money back guarantee. For blog commenting software, I have tried others like Comment Kahuna and Comment Hut and this is vastly superior. I have not tried Fast Blog Finder so I can’t compare it to that.

At $47 this program is a great value and I know that if you are just starting out trying to make CashCrate referrals, you are probably going to have no interest in this because of the price. However, you should know that if you become successful at making survey referrals and money online, you will at some point WANT to spend money on some of the software that will make your life easier.

BlogCommentDemon 2 is NOT a spamming software. This is not one of those programs that goes out and finds blogs and leaves spammy links on them. If you have a successful blog you know that the more successful your blog is, it seems the more spam you get. What this software does is goes out and finds relevant blogs and posts for you to then make your own NON SPAM comment on and use your keyword anchor text as your name thus getting an anchored backlink. Here is a short video telling you more about this blog commenting program:

Again, it is important to note that this software has absolutely nothing to do with spamming. It is a program that will go out and find the type of blog posts you tell it to. You put in the topic keywords you are looking for and it will find all the posts about those keywords. What makes this software so nice is all the things you can tell it to do. For instance, you can sort by PR, by no-follow or do-follow, by age of the posts, by the number of comments already on the posts, the number of outgoing links on the post, titles of the posts, and a few others. Simply, this software is wonderful for what it lets you do with a couple pushes of a button.

BlogCommentDemon 2 comes with it’s newest feature that will keep track for you whether your comments have been approved. This is one of the main pain in the ass problems with blog commenting and spending all the time and effort. Most blog owners have their blogs set up so that they have to approve all comments. This means that most of the time you will go to a blog, leave your comment, and then never know whether your comment ever makes it through and is approved. This happens all the time whether you are doing it for links or not and it is very discouraging not knowing whether the time you just spent to leave a comment was wasted or not. The only way to ever know is to go back to each blog, find the post, and see whether your comment is there. Half the time it may not be and then you don’t know whether your comment was deleted because it went into the spam folder or whether the blog owner just hasn’t gotten around to it.

With this newest version of BlogComment Demon, it has an area that tracks whether your comments have been approved. You NEVER AGAIN have to go back to the blogs and check manually if you are curious to see whether your comments are getting through! You can see whether the work and time you are spending is worth it and you can also keep track of blogs that are approving your commnets and ones that aren’t. After all, if your comment doesn’t get through on a blog why waste time ever going back to leave another.

The great thing about Edwin Brians software programs are that they save you time. Commenting on blogs in order to get valuable backlinks is something that most serious Internet marketers do at one time or another. These blog comments are not really to get traffic (you might only get a little) but to get the keyword anchored backlinks from blog posts. BlogCommentDemon 2 is right now the best software out there that gives you a ton of options and is easy to understand and use. Edwin always gives you lifetime support and lifetime upgrades so at $47.00 it is a very fair price.

Again, this blog is aimed at those people who want to learn how to get CashCrate referrals and other surveys for money sites referrals. Most of you reading this will be in the beginning stages of making money online and thus will be hesitant to go out and spend $47.00 on something that you don’t fully understand the value of. If you are just starting, you might not have made much or even any money yet and you still might not grasp the value of incoming anchored backlinks to your blog. Just note that if you ever do become successful there will be a point where you many want to buy a software like this that will save you tons of time and effort. Remember, you can never get wasted time back but you can always learn how to get more money.

BTW, here is proof that I have indeed bought BlogCommentDemon 2: