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Here are a couple of questions Dan emailed me about his blog and how to go about making it an effective machine for getting CashCrate referrals and other survey referrals.

Dan asks:

1. I know there are many sites with which I can earn money, but for now I would like to start with CashCrate. I know you believe that one should continue adding content to their blog instead of just having a few pages of tips and instructions for CashCrate. I can see how this would give the blog more authority. However, if I want to get CashCrate referrals, I still need these pages. If I make them the first few posts on my blog, they will gradually get pushed down as I add new content.

I was thinking of doing a blog detailing some of the other sites on which I have been able to earn money/prizes. How would one do this effectively while still keeping the focus on CashCrate referrals. I want to offer new content without burying my CashCrate links. Can I do this on a blog related to many different GPT sites, or would a traditional webpage type site work better?

Dan, figuring out the best strategy is one of the fun things for me about making money from online surveys for money  referrals and money online in general. There is no right answer to your question. As you can see, I have the same post at the top of my blog all the time. That is the post with the big check. That is my calling card for this blog and I feel it gives me some immediate credibility when a visitor stops by. I had the same exact problem that you are asking about.

So, I had the dilemma of what to do to make sure most or all traffic sees that check. I also have a page up top with the check and a video but I assume hardly anyone clicks that. I settled on keeping that post on top and having all new posts appear underneath it. I also tried to think of a way to put the “CashCrate check proof” picture on the right sidebar but decided against that.

You will have to figure out what works for you and your blog. You can try something like I did or come up with some other alternative. I am sure there are other inventive ways to do the same thing and make sure that your readers have access all the time to what you want them to read.

You are right that the more posts you have and the more words you have on your blog give Google more words to choose from and might make your blog appear in the SERPS for many different terms. You can make money with a one page blog or even one post but your odds are better that you will get into the SERPS by writing a lot.

2. You mention using three way linking as a means of getting one way anchored backlinks. So, I would create my flagship blog which another site would link to, and then I would give them a link on one of my secondary sites correct? If I do this, I will obviously want to focus most of my attention and new content posts on the main blog. Do I just use some of the content from my flagship site for the smaller ones? If not, do you have any suggestions for making the smaller sites different since I only have enough experience to write about so many money making sites?

The flagship blog should be your main money blog that you spend a good part of your time on. It should be your best work just in case you ever need it to show someone. You might even be able some day to charge for advertising. I am just saying that everyone should, in my opinion, have one blog that stands above the rest in terms of quality. 

You might be able to make other blogs that are related to your flagship blog but not on exactly the same subject. If your thing is making money, are there other topics that can relate to money somehow? Stocks relate to money. So do bonds, CD’s, loans, jobs, freelance work, and anything else you can think of that has to do with money. They can all be tied in to the same overall subject of money and might be useful to give and get 3 way links.

The more blogs you have, the more options you have. This is hard work I know but those that are successful making money with survey referrals, CashCrate, and other things work hard. Most CashCraters slap up a blog and 5 minutes later are complaining they have no traffic. LOL LOL. They think it all magically happens and eventually they give up. They conclude that the magic formula has been withheld from them or that it is all a scam. Making money online is not a scam, it’s just hard work!