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A good example of why you really want to be making your CashCrate blogs with your own URL’s and own hosting is happening right now. There are a lot of people quite upset right now at Today.com because the free blogs they have are being shut down.

Free blogs are great but, and it is a big BUT, you don’t own them and they can be shut down for no reason or any reason. It would be a shame to put in month, even years, into a blog on a free platform only to find they shut down or were going to shut you down. The only way to prevent that from ever happening is to own your own URL and pay for your own hosting. I discussed this previously here at the best hosting company for your CashCrate Blog.

I have a Today.com blog that I set up a couple of months ago and this morning I got the following email:

Dear VIP Blogger,

You have not consistently posted since becoming a VIP member.
We only retain VIP members who consistently post as this benefits
both the VIP member and our program.

As a result of this inactivity we have disabled your VIP account.

Thank you for trying out our program.

Best Regards,
The Today.com Team

I rifled back an email to them being polite and asking to be let back in but after I sent it I poked around on the net and found out I wasn’t the only one this was happening to. You see, Today.com tried to entice bloggers for blogging with them by saying they would pay them $2.00 for every 1000 unique visits and a dollar for every post.

It appears Today.com might be running into some monetary problems as a whole bunch of people are getting their blogs shut down and there is nothing you can do about it. There was no warning or anything and a lot of people are pissed right now.

I don’t care one bit about Today.com and whether it is a scam or just run by stupid people who are running out of money. The point of this post is that any free blog you have is not yours and can be shut down in an instant. That includes Blogger and Weebly.

Now I know 99% of the people trying to make Cash Crate referrals don’t have any money or even the knowledge of how to buy a domain and get it hosted but the point is that if you ever do start making money online, owning your own blog should be a priority. You should spread yourself out and have some blogs you own and some that are on the free platforms. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket or one blog!