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Just a quick post here to reinforce my point that everyone who wants to make money online with CashCrate referrals should get their own hosting and flagship blog. Of course if all you want to do is slap up a one page landing page then don’t bother, just use a free blog platform.

However, if you are serious about learning how to get paid for surveys and making money, you need to start building something of quality that will have a ton of anchored links. Someone who has guest posted on one of my other blogs just sold one of their main sites at SitePoint. Here is the link to the auction that ended with the site being sold for the “buy it now” price of $48,000.00.

Now that is not a blog but it really doesn’t matter. The reason it sold for so much is because of all the money making terms it ranked highly for. You can read the lengthy description and see all the keywords for which it ranked highly on Google. If you rank high, you will get search engine traffic which then equates to earnings.

Again, if you want to make money getting CashCrate referrals or from any other affiliate program, the sooner you start a flagship blog and start getting anchored links back to it the sooner you will start making money. After 6 years of getting links, Trent’s site was worth $48,000 which of course was in addition to all the money he had already made with it for the 6 years.

Can you make money online like he did? If you can write and strategically plan a blog around a set of high paying keywords or topic, you will, with the proper number of links begin to make money. It is simple. Get a real blog, start writing posts with lots of your keywords, and work constantly and getting links. That is how you can make some good money on the Internet.