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I got another question from a reader who has the same frustrations as many people do who start out to make money on the Internet. Here is the question:

Ok so I’m not the type to bother people, but I need help!

How the hell do you do it?

I’ve been constantly reading up on this site, and now when I search google for certain terms, you’re already on the first page! If I remember well, I’m one of the first people you gave that link. I just had a few postings to read “backwards”.. so it’s pretty recent compared to mine I think.

I’ve been doing this “seo” thing for 7 months or so now and I’m still no where close! I manage to get just about 10 hits a day or so from google or yahoo but nothing big.

I’ve been doing everything that I’ve read up on… anchored backlinks, etc, etc,

Just please tell me where I’m going wrong, or what I’m “missing”. I’d really like to see my site raise in the rankings on Google.

And just to clarify, I’m not the type that sit around and wait for people to do stuff for me. I’m a pretty hard worker, but I just don’t understand where I’m going wrong.

Thanks for any kind of reply. I know you must be super busy.

First lets talk about this blog that has not been as productive as I had hoped. It’s that way with this sort of thing and you just have to accept it. This blog is about 2 months old and it only gets between 10 and 20 hits a day so it is not a big a success as the question leads you to believe. Unfortunately, many of those hits are not necessarily what I want either.

Paid online surveys for money .com now ranks on the first page of Google for things such as “CashCrate referrals” and a few other terms like that specifically about how to get referrals for CashCrate. I have been getting backlinks for that term so that has been a success but I had hoped to be higher up as that is not a very competitive keyword phrase.

This blog is also on the first page of Google for “today.com scam” (which does me no good) and for “comment blog demon review” which could make me a sale of that software someday maybe. All in all, not too impressive actually. For those two keyword phrases, there is little to no competition so that is why this blog ranks on the first page.

My blog doesn’t rank anywhere for the terms I have really targeted which are “surveys for money” and “paid online surveys“. Those are the two terms I want to rank for in the long run and I am not even in the top 100 for either of those. That is very disappointing and I had hoped to at least show up in the top 100 by now.

Blogging and getting traffic and making money is frustrating. Period. It is also something that takes time and lots of it. Again, that is why 99% give up and quit. Any blog I start I assume I WILL NOT make any money with for at least 6 months. 6 months!!! That is too long for most people right there.


The two most important things you can do is pick keyword phrases that have low competition that you will be able to rank for and then get anchored backlinks for those terms. Maybe my choices of “surveys for money” and “paid online surveys” have too much competition and I will have to give up and switch gears. That could happen but I will give it at least another 4 months before I make that kind of decision.

You can always find keywords that have little to no competition (like “Today.com scam”) and then you will get some readers but they won’t be TARGETED and won’t sign up for CashCrate. You need to spend time with the two free keyword tools and pick some keywords that you can target that have medium to low competition.

After you pick some keywords you want to target, you have to go get backlinks. Then you have to get more backlinks. And then when you have gotten more you need to still go out and get more. If done correctly, you will spend 80% of your time getting backlinks. You get CashCrate referrals and make money by getting your site on the first page of Google. You get on the first page of Google by getting anchored backlinks. Therefore, the act of getting backlinks is what ultimately makes you money.

How many backlinks do you need? I hear that question asked all the time. You need more backlinks than your competitors have and better ones. The sites with the most anchored backlinks coming from the highest quality websites are the ones who make it to the top of Google. So, if you are in a niche that has very little competition, you might need just a handful of anchored backlinks. But if you are competing for a keyword phrase that has a ton of competition, you may need THOUSANDS of backlinks and you might have to keep getting them to stay ahead.

That is how the game is played. He (or she) who has the most anchored backlinks wins. You also want to vary your backlinks so they are not all for the exact same terms. For instance, your links may be “make money with surveys”, “money with surveys”, “how to make money with surveys”, and so on. You want your anchored backlinks to have some variety so that it looks more natural to Google.


On a side note, when you make some  HubPages to link back to your sites, you have to have an author score of 75 or over to have them be “do-follow” backlinks. I just started doing HubPages myself and that is what I have learned. I am not sure how you get and keep your author score above 75 but that is a drawback of using them. Also you are only alowed to link out to the same site twice in any Hub as I understand it. I see tons of HubPages authors with authors scores in the 90’s so it may not be too hard to keep it above 75.


How do you get more backlinks? That is always the million dollar question. You can buy links which I will not discuss on this blog and there are other services that cost money. In the end, one of the best ways to get links is to MAKE FRIENDS WITH OTHER BLOGGERS AND TRADE LINKS WITH THEM! The more blogs you have, the easier it is to arrage 3 way links and the more friends you have the easier it is to exchange links.

I have thought of and perhaps will start a page here on this blog in the future where you can list your name and contact info if you are willing to exchange links. If everyone who is in the CashCrate community got together and understood what they were doing and exchanged links, it would help everyone. Unfortunately right now, there are many people that have very poor 1 page blogs which are pretty much spam blogs. So that is a bit of a problem as I would never want to link to a spam blog.

That’s all for now.