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Is HubPages better than Squidoo for getting anchored backlinks? I think so and so do quite a few other people lately. At least it is easier for me to make a HubPage than a Squidoo lens. I’ve put up a few new HubPages in the last week and not only are they easy to understand and construct, but I am getting good backlinks from them too.

If you want to make money referring other people to paid online surveys sites like CashCrate, you need to get backlinks to your blog. HubPages is one of the sources you can use along with Squidoo, Blogger, and other sources.

Open Your Mind and Get Creative

You have to target people who need money. You can’t just write about CashCrate on your blog. YOU HAVE TO WRITE ABOUT OTHER THINGS AND TARGET DIFFERENT AUDIENCES! 99% of the blogs out there that are made by people hoping to get referrals are one page blogs (splogs) about CashCrate and they copy most or all of it from the CashCrate site itself. This shows a pathetic lack of creativity!

I know that most people that read this blog just don’t have a clue what I am talking about here. They are in their own little box and they can’t even begin to see out of it. They make their little one page splog and then they are amazed when people don’t show up and sign up. Even if they did get traffic no one would sign up because their blogs look so sad. (end of rant)

 Make Five Or More Hubs

What you want to do is to make a handful of HubPages and have each one target different keywords and target audiences. You DON”T want to make 5 HubPages about CashCrate. You need to make a HubPage about people out of work, one about college students who need money, one about people who fear they are going to be laid off, etc. YOU NEED TO BE CREATIVE AND COME UP WITH YOUR OWN IDEAS OF WHO MIGHT NEED MONEY. Each HupPage needs to be about a totally different segment of the population and each segment needs to be people who might need money and want to sign up to sites like CashCrate.

Then you need to put two anchored links in each HubPage back to your blog. THE ANCHORS NEED TO BE DIFFERENT AND THEY NEED TO TARGET DIFFERENT WORDS. You want to have a variety of links going back to your blog because you don’t want all your anchors to be exactly the same. You want it to look natural to Google and if your blog has exactly the same anchor for all the links that does not look natural. You might have anchors that are as follows:

college jobs
college work
money for college
part time college job
make money for college

These would all be achors you could use for your Hub about college students needing money. Then after you make that Hub, go and make more Hubs about different types of people who may also need money. Remember though, you are really doing this for the anchored links and not the traffic you will receive. If you do receive some traffic, figure out which words they are coming from and you can do more to target those words.  

Do Follow Links From HubPages

You also need to make about five HubPages because you have to get your author score over 75 and keep it there for the backlinks to be “do-follow” links. Anytime your author score dips below 75 the anchored backlinks will revert to “no-follow“. This doesn’t seem too hard to do though as I have about 6 Hubs and my author score seems to now stay in a range between 82 and 88. I’m not sure what determines your author score but you need to make sure it stays above 75 and so far that has been quite easy. If you are below 75, just make another HubPage.

Another good thing with HubPages is that you can monetize them. You are allowed to put your Google Adsense code in the affiliate section and your Adsense ads will be shown on 60% of the impressions. The other 40% of impressions will be HubPage’s Adsence ads. This is a better deal than Squidoo and you can make more money just from your HupPages if they start getting hits. You can also put your Ebay affiliate code in as well as your Amazon code and Kontera code. Some people are trying to make money by just putting up a lot of Hubs on their own and then monetizing them to make money.

If you start making a lot of HubPages, you can see which ones get Google traffic and which ones are duds. If you were to then create your own blog using  the same keywords as your Hubs that are winners, you will have a good chance of making money with your blog as well. In other words, people are using HubPages to test the waters and test different niches (you do know there are lots of niches other than online surveys for money, right?). Since HubPages has a lot of authority, it can sometimes rank well for a keyword on its own right out of the gate. If you were then to take that keyword and build a blog around that niche, you should be able to rank pretty easily on the first page of Google with just a handful of anchored links to your blog.