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If you have come to this post from the search engines, you really need to go back to the beginning and read all my posts along with looking at my $1,491.28 and $2,368.32 CashCrate check payment proof. If you want to learn how to make money by making survey referrals, this is the place where you will learn how.


One of the things lacking in so many of the paid online surveys blogs that people create is any sort of a legitimate call to action. What most people do is copy and paste all the same stuff that is on the CashCrate site like the FAQ’s and such Then the blog owner says “sign up under me” or “lets make money together” or “sign up now!” or some other stupid, corny phrase that looks like a 10 year old made up.

There is no originality at all on 90% of these blogs. Just copying and pasting what is already on CashCrate is going to get you nowhere if you are really trying to make referrals. Some people take the next step and put up pictures of their latest checks and this is definitely a good move. You see, a copy of your check (and not one stolen from the Internet) is the first step you need to show that you are making money and that CashCrate is not a scam.

Tell Your Readers A Story

When a visitor comes to your site, you need to tell them a story and the more personal it is the better. You need to give them a reason why they should sign up and what better reason is there than the chance to make money. Show them the money you are making and tell them how they can make money too. You have to be believable and you can’t sound like a dumb 10 year old kid who just slapped up his first web site.

Video Works Better Than Pictures

Pictures of your check work great but video works better. In fact, if done right, you can even use video to get more people to your blogs and then have a better chance of them signing up. The cheap $7 ebook 1000 Visitors eBook will show you how you can get thousands of people to your blog who watch your videos. These are people that will come to your blog IN ADDITION to those coming from the search engines!

If you make a short 1 minute or so video showing your check and talking about CashCrate, that is also the best way to connect with your visitors. They will get to hear you, know you are real, see the money you have made, and be much more likely to sign up. If you make a great video, it can drive more people to your site and get them to sign up. All from one video!

The 1000 Visitors eBook will show you how to make a short video, what to do with it, how to use it on your blog, and even how to get visitors to your blog with it. This book will show you everything you need to know about how to use video to get more visitors to your site and then convince them to sign up.