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If you are trying to make money at home with Internet marketing and paid online surveys referrals, don’t waste your time on forums. The worst thing you can do, and it may set you back months and even years, is to follow the advice given on forums.

Newbies don’t know where to go to get Internet marketing information so they usually end up on forums where they can socialize and try to learn. They think it is a place where everyone can learn together and get free information. Unfortunately, forums are populated mostly by other newbies who don’t have a clue and it becomes a watering hole for the clueless.

You see, the people who know what they are doing spend little time, if any, on forums because they are working and actually making money – not just talking about it. Real Internet marketers, for the most part, don’t have time to waste on forums. Newbies on the other hand, have no idea how to get started making money and end up spending all day leaving messages and adding their two cents hoping to find the golden nugget. They ask questions that are answered by other newbies who want to pretend they know what they are talking about or think they know what they are talking about and most of the time the info they give is either flat out wrong or partially wrong. 

The CashCrate forum is really NOT a good place to any kind of make money online or SEO information. The people who hang out there, for the most part, make very little money and don’t know how to make money online. Thats why they hang out in the forum: it is a place where they can bond and be part of a community and maybe, just maybe, learn the big secret. Mostly though, they have time to socialize and spend on the forums because they have nothing better to do and they don’t have any idea how to make money online. (there are a few exceptions as a couple of people there do know what they are talking about)

The worst forum of all the forums is the Warrior forum. Lots of experienced marketers do hang out there for the one reason of fleecing the constant parade of newbies. Some marketers actually make their living selling Warrior Special Offers to beginners who don’t have a clue and get tricked over and over again into buying ebooks that contain the next fool proof system for making money. If you want to make absolutely sure that you are overloaded with confusing and conflicting information that will guarantee you never make a dime online, I highly recommend the Warrior forum. Maybe you can get scammed and duped out of a $100 or so while you are there too.

Below are some of the statements and anwers to questions I could find that were made on the CashCrate forum that are just not correct. These are great examples of the blind leading the blind:


Question: Does your site move up the google search listing by how many visitors you get?

Forum answer: I think it depends on where the ppl come from. If you get like 2000 ppl from a ‘no follow’ backlink they pretty much ignore it. That’s from my expirience anyway. If you get ppl from following backlinks from highly rated sites then seems logical you’d get noticed & earn rank.

Real answer (short version): No, your site DOES NOT move up Google by how many visitors you get. Period. Your site moves up based on how many anchored backlinks you have and the quality of those backlinks.


Statement: I’ve read that if your site suddenly goes from say 40 hits a day to 400 a day that Google suspects somethings not cool, investigates & you can lose some rank you’ve built up as well. Just somethin I read somewhere, don’t know if it’s true.

The truth: That statement is not true. Sites go from 40 to 400 a day all the time when they move up the SERPS. All of that statement is false.


Question: how do you submit your blog to search engines like Google and Yahoo?

Forum answer: Lots of advice was offered on how to submit your blog to the search engines

Truth: NEVER submit a blog to any of the search engines. Get some backlinks to your blog by article marketing, a Squidoo lens, or a HubPage and your blog will be indexed sometimes within a couple of days.


Question: Where can you get lots of referrals?

CashCrate forum answer: Go to about 100 different forums sign up for each one. put your link in your signature. Make sure its allowed. Make about 6-10 relevant post per forum. repeat that every day. that will give you about 600 to 1k posts with your link in signature. is there each day. Do that every day. probably will take you 10+ hours a day but may be worth it.

Real answer: LOL LOL are you kidding me? 600 to 1,000 forum posts a day? Who is going to do this? This answer came from a person who has seen my blog but is too lazy to learn how to make referrals the right way. If this person wants to spend 10 hours a day leaving posts on 100 forums they can but meanwhile I spend a lot less time getting backlinks to my blogs and the referrals come in on autopilot. This is an example of what I have been saying all along, that 99% of the people who try to make money online will fail because it is too hard.