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If you arrived at this post from searching the Internet you really need to go back to the beginning and read all my posts along with looking at my $1,491.28 and $2,368.32 CashCrate check payment proof. If you want to learn how to make money by making survey referrals, this is the place where you will learn how.


Just a short post here about the progress of this blog in relation to where it stands on Google for the keywords I am targeting. Again, you need to pick keywords that people use and get anchored links back to your site using those keywords. That is how you move up in the search engine rankings and make money getting CashCrate referrals. If you want to learn more, start reading my blog from the very beginning.

A great free tool you can use to see where you stand in the various data centers around the country for various keywords is this one – Google Data Center Tool. There are data centers around the US that all will give you slightly different search results. So, for instance if you search for “CashCrate” in San Francisco you might get different results than you would if you did the same search in Atlanta. Usually they are very similar though so it is not a big deal. If you are near the top of Google in your area, you are probably near the top in other areas too.

The main keyword I am targeting now is “paid online surveys” and this blog is in about 13th place for that term (next day now and it is #21 so it bounces around alot).  I have also gone after “online surveys for money” and this blog is in about 12 place for that one. I’m not making much progress with “surveys for money” as the 26 spot is the best I can do so far and I will probably back off of that one to concentrate more on the first term I listed.

Lastly, I discovered that I was anywhere from 9th to 12th for “CashCrate” and I haven’t even been trying for that one! Now maybe I will attempt to move up for that term even though I have preached over and over to concentrate on other keywords. If I can get on the first page of Google for ‘CashCrate” without much effort, I might as well do it I guess.

This blog is around 4 months old and it is probably averaging about 40 uniques a day. That is not a lot for all the effort I have put in and many people would probably be discouraged if they were in my shoes. But I know that the numbers are slowly going up and if I can move higher and onto the first page of Google for “paid online surveys” it will help. After I do that I will then target some other keyword and then another and another all the while trying to maintain or improve my position for the ones I have. That’s how it is done.