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Almost everyone who has read this blog to date is too lazy to make money online. Yes, there are a handful of you (probably 10 or less) who aren’t lazy and are really trying to make money with paid online surveys by getting referrals, but the rest who come and go will never make it. I also noticed that there is one person on the CashCrate forum that keeps asking the same types of beginner questions over and over and over. Guess what? Stupid people can’t make money online either. If you are stupid or cannot learn, you will never make any money on or offline. Sorry, just keeping it real as they say.

Have you ever wondered why money making online scams keep fooling people year after year? Have you ever wondered why there are so many scams online? It is a simple answer really: it is because they work. And why do they work? Because people are lazy and want the easy way out. They are convinced there is some miracle system of making money and they want it. They are willing to get scammed a handful of times before they give up.

I knew when I started this blog that very few people would catch on and realize that I was giving away good information that could really help them make money with getting survey referrals. Oh, I hoped I was wrong and that a picture of a real big check on the front page might motivate some but so far I don’t think it has mattered.

People look at the check, say “that’s nice”, and then move on to the next blog after reading a couple sentences of mine. In the end, they would rather work at MacDonalds making $8.00 an hour than try to get backlinks to a blog. They understand flipping burgers at MacDonalds while they just don’t give a rats ass about backlinks, blogging, article writing, and link exchanges.

Some of the other people who come to this blog are here purely to spam or to leave their CashCrate referral link. LOL LOL LOL. These jackasses don’t have a clue that the blog they are trying to spam (this one) can teach them how to make real money whithout having to comment spam. And they are too stupid to know that there is no chance in hell that their comment is going to get through. Do they really think I am so stupid to let their referral link through? No, they don’t bother to think about anything because spammers are stupid.

I always planned to make money with this blog. How? I know that most people won’t read much of what I write and they will want to leave. One of the reasons my posts are so long is to bore the hell out of people. For those who really care, there is good information in them worth reading. But for most, it will be a situation where they say “this is boring how do I leave?” and then they click on an ad.

Hopefully someday I will have Adsense on this blog and they will leave by clicking an Adsense ad. That is one way you can make money online. Bore people so that they click on your ads to get out. For others who are really interested in learning, maybe a few of them will sign up and try to learn.

Before any of that can happen though, I have to get some good targeted traffic to this blog and it has been difficult especially since I picked a few bad keywords to target. I think my keyword selection has been poor and there might not be as much potential in what I picked as I once thought. I will still keep plugging along with some of them though and I am close to the first page for “paid online surveys”.