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I’ve written before about how you need to make blogs about other target audiences and not concentrate on the keyword “CashCrate”. If you go to my post here about why you don’t make any money online and look at #4, you will see that I have stressed the importance of NOT making a CashCrate blog.

If you want to make money online and with paid online surveys, you need to target audiences that HAVE NEVER HEARD OF CASHCRATE! Do any of you understand that?

Whenever I take a peek at the CashCrate forum, I see newbie after newbie bragging about their new blog which proudly has the name CashCrate in it and is a one or two page piece of spam blog. I guess their goal is to get lots of hits from people searching for CashCrate if they have any plan at all which they don’t.

I have proof that there is NO MONEY IN THE KEYWORD “CASHCRATE”. In other words, even if you are successful and get to the top of Google for that word (which you won’t), there are not enough people searching for it to make it worthwhile.

The proof is in this post from Broke Grad Student where he writes about having made $1000.00 with CashCrate. He shows his payouts for 2009 which total $594.70 and that is great accept that I sometimes make that in ONE WEEK and he did it in 7 MONTHS! (see my CashCrate check proof and note that very few if any of my referrals come from this blog)

Now if you do a Google search for the word “CashCrate” you will see that Broke Grad Student is in position #3 (and #4)  for that term that everyone is chasing so hard. (see below)  His blog has been in that 3rd position for quite some time and all he has gotten out of it is $594.70 and that proves there are very few searches for “CashCrate”!


This blog has also briefly been on and off the first page for CashCrate and I have hardly gotten any hits at all. So, before you run out and make a new blog, figure out some other strategy and make a blog about people who need money. Make your blog about college students or out of work workers or any other segment of the population that needs some extra income. Target those keywords and when you start getting people who need money or want money, then you start selling them the CashCrate paid online surveys opportunity.