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What are keywords and how can they make you money? If you are looking for ways to get your blog about CashCrate or online surveys for money seen by people, you need to do some keyword research first. What you need to find are the most searched keywords with the least competition.

Simply put, keywords are words or combinations of words that are used more than others. For instance, if you told 100 people to search online for information about making money with online surveys, you would find they type in a whole bunch of different words into Google. Perhaps as many as 75 of the 100 people might type in something totally different than everybody else. However, the remaining 25 might have some similar choices.

Out of those last 25, you might have 2 that are the same, 3 that are also something the same, 7 that are the same, and finally the last 13 might all be the same exact words that people used to do their research. So the last 25 might look something like this:

make money surveys – 13 people
online surveys- 7 people
how to make money surveys- 3 people
surveys for money- 2 people

Those 4 keyword phrases are what you would want to investigate and depending on the competition, you might want to try to get ranked for them. There are many free and paid keyword tools online but the two I use are G Trends and Adwords Keyword Tool which are both free.

As I have stated many times, most CashCraters don’t have a clue about keywords and by default try to get ranked for the word “CashCrate” or some other variation. This is not a good strategy as I have proven that there not a lot of money in the keyword “CashCrate”.

One tactic commonly used to get ranked for CashCrate is to buy a domain name with the word “CashCrate” in the URL. Although this may work for a week or two and your new blog may even get to the first page, you will suddenly disappear because you have no BACKLINKS. You need anchored backlinks to get your blogs to Google’s front page and for them to stay there. Simply buying a domain name with the word in it is not enough because there is too much competition. If you want to learn about anchored backlinks you need to read more of this blog as I can’t cover the same material over and over.

You should spend a lot of time trying to figure out different keywords to shoot for. Once you decide on some keywords, you then need to write posts with those keywords in the title and body of the post. You then need to get anchored backlinks using those keywords. You then need to write more posts with those keywords in them and then get more backlinks. Eventually, if you have chosen keywords that are not too competitive, you will see some movement in your blog in the SERPS. Making money on the Internet and with online surveys for money referrals is not easy. If you keep at it though, you will eventually start to see some progress and more hits for your blogs.