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Please take a look at my CashCrate check proof to see how much money you could make by getting referrals for CashCrate. This blog is about how to make money online and will show you how to work up to getting a big check like that one from referrals.


You can try to make money doing paid online surveys or you can try to make a lot more money with lead generation. The art of getting CashCrate referrals is nothing more than online lead generation: you get leads for CashCrate and in turn they pay you a small commission. CashCrate is compensating you to go out and bring back potential customers to them. This is, in a nutshell, what affiliate marketing is all about.

CashCrate isn’t the only online surveys for money site that has a referral program and beyond surveys, there are thousands of other companies that you can make money generating leads for. This is why learning how to get CashCrate referrals is really learning how to make money online. If you can figure out how to successfully make lots of referrals for CashCrate, you will then have the knowledge of how to make money doing the same thing for other companies and “niches”.

When I get asked how I make money online I tell people I have a few websites and make money from them. People then invariably jump to the conclusion that I sell something (Ebay always comes to mind) as they have no idea that you can make money without having or selling a physical product. Usually the more I explain, the more confused they get as they just can’t grasp the idea of getting paid to lead someone to a product.

Lead generation is nothing more than another form of advertising. Advertising in one form or another has been around since the beginning of man and it is what makes the Internet tick. People seem to understand the concept of advertising on television, radio, and print media but they begin to get confused when confronted with the different types of advertising online.

The online world is different from any other media in that it is more immediate and produces results right away. When a company places an ad on TV, they are merely getting the word out and increasing brand awareness. They don’t make any immediate sales as a person viewing the ad would have to actually go somewhere where the product is sold and then buy it.

The online world is different in that it is both the viewing medium and the store. If you have an ad on the Net, someone can see the ad and immediately decide to buy the product right then and there. This opens up the opportunity for advertisers to make a lot of money and know exactly where that money is coming from. It lets them get detailed feedback right away as to whether an advertisement is working or not. The offline world of advertising involves a lot of guesswork and delayed numbers as to efectiveness while the online world gives an advertiser immediate and detailed results.

Since detailed tracking is possible online, the world of affiliate marketing has opened up where someone can get compensated for sending customers to a product or service of a company. This is what CashCrate referrals are and their affiliate prgram is one of the best for affiliates. If you doubt that please take a look at a couple of my CashCrate checks as proof of the amount of money that can be made.  

The Cash Crate affiliate program is run in house but many other affiliate programs are run through a second party affiliate network. Market Leverage is one such network that has many different affiliate programs under it and that makes it very easy to have a wide variety of things to promote. They have a check sent to your address every month by FedEx which goes way beyond what other networks do. When you start to reach the level where you want to promote things in other niches besides paid surveys, I recommend Market Leverage as one of the first networks you should sign up with. (it is free to sign up of course as they want your business)

Online lead generation can make you some very good money if you understand how to get targeted visitors to your blog(s) that are interested in the subject at hand. Much of this blog has been written to help you understand what you must do to make that happen. If you want to learn more about how to start earning money with CashCrate, please go to the beginning of this blog and read it from the start.