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If you have a CashCrate blog or any other kind of blog, you probably have some banners displayed on them somewhere. Most newbies set up a blog, write one post, and then plaster the rest of the page with banners. Well guess what, banners don’t get clicks and the clicks they do get, don’t convert.

I know that many banners you see are cool looking and some they might even look good on your blog. How can people not click them, you ask? They look so…so…click-able. The fact is though, that there is something called banner blindness and it is very, very real.

If you are hawking any of the online surveys for money sites on your blog, you are probably tempted to put up the banners. If you ever get a blog with traffic you might even be able to sell the ad space. But data has always shown that banner ads are some of the worst converting methods of getting affiliate sales. People who pay for these banners are usually just giving their money away.

Once you get to the Silver referral level with CashCrate, you will have access to “CashCrate Pro” which has some additional tools to help you to create multiple referral links, monitor conversion rates, and it shows clicks and signups. What you can do is set up a special link for each of your banners and you can prove to yourself how useless they are. You will find that they hardly ever get clicks and almost never a sign up.

So then, if banners don’t work for getting referrals, how do some people get so many? Besides getting laser targeted traffic to their blogs (this means people who want to make money or need money), they get people to sign up for CashCrate through the texlinks in the sentences. People are much more willing to click text links than they are banners which they often totally ignore.

If you don’t believe this then I suggest you check it out on your own blog. Set up your banners so they have one or more of the custom links in CashCrate Pro. Then, set your text links to some of the other custom links and compare which does better. You will find that although your banners look great, they perform very, very poorly.

Another thing is to pay attention to your own habits online. Chances are that you click a lot more text links than you do banners. Most people totally ignore all banners just like they do while they are walking down the street. You know they are there but you also know they are an advertisement so you ignore them.