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Much of this blog is about getting anchored backlinks to your survey blogs in order for them to rise up in the search rankings. One thing I haven’t mentioned much is interlinking the pages. Not only is it important to get links from other blogs and websites, but you can help your blog a lot by linking from page to page within your blog.

This is one of the reasons it is nice to have a real blog where you write things on a regular basis and have lots of posts as opposed to one of those one or two page pieces of crap most CashCraters put up. For instance, in this post I talk about lead generation and with that link, I have just told Google what that page is about. Links from within your blog count too and help give those pages authority that you link to.

The bigger your blog gets, the more opportunity you have to link from page to page. This is one thing that I admittadly don’t do well enough because it takes time and I am a bit lazy. For every post you write, you really should go back and link to anything relevant that you talk about in your new post. Likewise, you should go back and see if the post you have just written applies to anything you have already written and link from the old post to the new post.

These internal links help Google crawl your blog and help clearly identify what each page is about. It is hard to get link exchanges with other people and make secondary blogs all the time and many people overlook this simple thing they can do with their own blog to help with getting links.

The value of these internal links is not great but if you are in a niche with very little competition, they can help alot. Anyway, a link is a link and you should be doing anything and everything to get as many as you can if you want to make money with your online surveys for money blogs.

Finally, CashCrate is not one of the online surveys for money scams and I and many others have proven it month after month with the checks we get. CashCrate is a great survey site with the best referral program and that is what this blog helps you learn to take advantage of.

If you have not seen my CashCrate check proof, please take a look as it shows what you can do if you are willing to work hard at getting CashCrate referrals.