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Here is a question I got on another post. I will answer it here in this post but pretty much I am going to type fast and ramble:


This question is typical of the frustration of anyone just starting out trying to make money online. Not only is there tons of confusion about what to do, but if they do continue on and work hard, will it all pay off? Will their blog ever make money? Will anyone ever see it?

It is easy to get discourged and that right there is why most people quit. Much of it has to do with the keywords you target. If you target something too competitive, you will never make it to the first page of Google. If you target something too easy, you will get to the top but there may be no one searching for those keywords and that is why it was easy to get there. Either way you may never get any search traffic and it is all because of the words you targeted.

Of course that is all if you even know what keywords are and know how to plan a blog with a specific course of action. People who are in tune with current events and the things happening around them are best able to make money online. They are able to figure out what words people are searching for.

Take my blog that you are reading and look at the content I have written. It contains tons of content by most people’s standards (47 posts I think) and now I am really trying to figure out what direction to go. I have mentioned this before but it seems like I may have targeted some bad keywords like online surveys for money. I don’t want to go into my whole thought process for this blog but right now I have spent more time than it was worth.

However, I still have an asset. I have a blog that is getting older by the day (that is good) and it has a PR 2. I can use it for link exchanges and I can also change course at any time and target different keywords. Just because it is not producing right now like I want it too doesn’t mean it is and always will be a failure.

My advantage is that I know I can make money online and most beginners don’t know that. I know that not every blog I make will be a success and that is why I have many blogs. Most of you have one blog and all your eggs are in that one basket.

Back to the readers question: you should write at least 4 more Ezine articles and link to your main page for one link and an inner page for the second link using anchor text. You need to get your Hub score above 75 and keep it there. You need to write more content for your site. And after that you need more content again. The more you write, the more words Google has to pick from when looking at your site. Sometimes people search for things you would have never thought of and if you have tons of content on your blog, maybe those combinations of words are there.

You can write guest posts for other people’s blogs and they will let you put in a do-follow anchored link or two to your blog. That is why you need a good looking blog with MORE content so that other blog owners will accept your posts. You would need to save your best writing for those guest posts so they are accepted. Don’t just ask anyone though: find a blog that has a little PR or some authority and has been around a while. Try this one as I and many others have done guest posts here:  http://moneymakerinfo.blogspot.com/. But you need a bigger blog before you do that so you have some credibility.

Finally, you need to find people to exchange links with. This is hard but if you have the guts it will help you greatly to contact other blogs and try to work out 3 way exchanges. That is why it is smart to have 2 or 3 blogs for every niche you have and to make them look better than some of the crappy CashCrate blogs that are out there.

If you want to see an example of a successful blog please see my review of make money online free and click through to Trini’s blog. She has turned that into a money making blog that anyone would like to exchange links with. Look at the work she has done there.

The reader who asks this question has a blog that has about 3 posts and is brand new. Seriously, if anyone thinks they can slap up three posts and a few articles, they need to go back and read my whole blog again. IT ISN’T EASY AND YOU HAVE TO DO TONS OF WORK AND IT MIGHT NOT PAY OFF FOR SIX MONTHS! In fact, if you target too competitive keywords, you might never get any traffic. That is why 99 out of 100 fail and give up. Sorry, but its true.

The reality is that the only way you will ever succeed is to keep on trying and keep targeting different keywords. You have to slap things up against the wall and see what sticks. Did I mention that just about every CashCrate blog I have seen is NOT A BLOG and need more original content? If you can’t put up some original content then your chance of making money online is pretty slim.

BTW, I might be trying some things and looking for new keywords on this blog very soon myself. You might see some weird posts that don’t teach you much.