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Obviously this whole blog is about how to get CashCrate referrals the right way – by setting up blogs, getting them to the front page of Google, and getting free search traffic. If you want to learn how to do that, make sure you read my blog from my first post here about how to make money with online surveys. This method is the best long term way of making money with online surveys for money and your blog.

However, many beginners get frustrated when they start their blogs because they get absolutely no traffic. If they do happen to get some, it seems like hardly anyone signs up for CashCrate or whatever they are selling which is equally frustrating.  

One of the ways you can get targeted traffic is to print business cards and distribute them around town. I want to stress that this is a short term solutionwhile you are working on your website by creating content, getting anchored backlinks, guest posting on other blogs, commenting with on other blogs with your anchored link, creating Hubpages, and all the other things that need to be done to eventually get your blog seen by Google searchers.

You can get  500 Vista premium business cards for $1.99 and you can pay by credit card or PayPal. That is a pretty cheap investment if you want to give it a try and you use them intelligently. Once you have picked your card and added all your info, you will have to keep hitting the “Continue” button till you reach the checkout and payments screen. (they will try to upsell you lots of stuff along the way which you don’t need)

First of all, DON’T PUT YOUR AFFILIATE LINK on the card. You need to put your website name on the card so that people will go to your website and then click through your affiliate link. If you make the mistake of just putting your affiliate link on the card, you are trusting that everyone will type it in correctly and that just won’t happen.


So, with your website prominently displayed on the card and a good call to action, where do you put the cards. I would put them on bulletin boards at grocery stores, schools, colleges, libraries, and anywhere else you can that has some walk through traffic. You could try putting them on windshields of cars but I would only put them on the cars that are a little run down. In other words, don’t bother with the Lexus’s and BMW’s as those people probably don’t need the money.

Be creative and you have 500 cards to get out their with your website on them and hopefully get some CashCrate referrals. The good thing about bulletin boards is that multiple people can see your same card so it is not wasted on just one person. The shorter and more catchy your website name is, the easier it will be for people to remember it.

Remember, the 500 Vista premium business cards for $1.99 is not a solution to getting traffic to your blogs but just something temporary that you might try. If you use your cards smartly, you will probably be able to get enough sign ups make it worth your while.