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One way to get some traffic to your paid online surveys blogs and to get the much needed anchored backlinks is to use article marketing. Unfortunately, like everything else in this business, you need to know how to do good keyword research (how to make money with keywords for beginners) to actually be successful in getting traffic from articles.

Some Internet marketers go all out with articles and write thousands of them. In the resource box they point a link to their blogs and sometimes they have their blogs redirected to an affiliate offer so the person goes straight to the offer. An advantage with articles is that sometimes they can rank high right out of the gate because they are coming from an authority site. That is what EzineArticles.com and HubPages are – authority sites.

I was doing some research for another niche this morning and came upon one writer who had over 149 active articles, resulting in 183,427 views on EzineArticles. Almost all these articles were for the same niche! I then did some more poking around and found someone by another name had over 167 articles for that same niche on ArticlesBase.com and these were all pointed to the same domain so it was the same lady.

One of her articles had over 58,000 views itself and obviously this one article has made her a ton of money even when you assume that only 10% or so click on the author box and get directed to her sight.  If only 10% of the people click her link (and often it is higher) that means almost 6000 readers had clicked through to her site which was redirected to the affiliate offer. That’s a lot of clicks for one article.

If you want to make money with CashCrate and any other paid online surveys sites by referrals, you need to get people to your blog. One way that can help is to pump out a lot of articles like that lady has done that are all loosely centered around the same subject (niche) and hope that a few of them are home runs. Like I have explained before, this would mean writing articles that were aimed at different groups of people who all need money. Thus, they would be interested in CashCrate and more likely to sign up.

If you want to know where to get backlinks for your online surveys for money blog, a good way is to write articles and submit them to article directories like Ezine, GoArticles, Buzzle.com and many others. Ezine is the best so you should start there. These are all authority sites which means that Google will often rank articles from these places quite high, especially if there is little competition. You, on the other hand, with your two month old CashCrate blog will never rank for the same keywords until you get tons more authority which may take months or years. That is why some people put a lot of effort into articles in hopes that a few will rank high and get a lot of clicks like the 58,000 clicks mentioned above.

People who go overboard with articles can get a lot of backlinks but they are all coming from the same place(s) so they are worth less as more come in. Also writing all that content and putting it up on someone else’s website is a questionable tactic. I write some articles but only enough to get some backlinks as I would prefer to put most of my material on my sites themselves. In other words, why would I spend all that time writing articles and helping build up other sites when I could be building up my own sites with that material.

One last note, if you do a Google search for any keyword term and find that the first page is full of articles, that means the keyword are very easy to beat. Any keyword that you see lots of articles on the first page of Google is a keyword that is easy to beat and outrank those articles (relatively easy anyway). If you do a search and find MSN, Forbes, and other similar sites occupying the top spots, you know that is an impossible term to attack. But if you see all articles at the top of the serps, that means those terms are ripe for the picking. This will not happen for anything associated with the word “CashCrate” or any other paid online surveys terms because there is so much competition.