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Just a quick post here to talk about Google page rank which I have never done before. If you hangout on the CashCrate forum or any other money making forum, you will find people who are severely misguided about page rank and its importance.

Here is the truth about page rank: it has no bearing whatsoever on your rankings in the search engines.

I know you will read in a lot of places that it does but anyone who tells you that PR is important for ranking in Google is clueless. This blog just got a PR of 4 and my rankings for any and all of my keywords like paid online surveys have not gone up one bit. And they won’t as the only bearing on your rankings is the number and quality of the anchored backlinks you have.

The one good thing page rank is good for is getting people to exchange links with you. Now that this is a PR 4 blog, I will have little difficulty in finding people who want a link from me. I can use this blog in 3 way link trades and thus it is valuable for that in itself. However, Google can lower PR at any time so it might not stay at 4 forever.