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One of the best parts of CashCrate is the referral program and its ability to let you earn a passive income online. Once you reach the Elite level, you will make 30% of your first level referrals and 20% of your second level referrals. There is no other online surveys for money site that I am aware of that gives you that big a percentage back for 1st AND 2nd level referrals. If you are lucky and get some good people under you as your 1st level referrals, they can truly give you a hands free passive income for many years.

The picture below shows how many referrals I have as of 11/2/09 with CashCrate. As you can see, I have over 30,000 first level referrals and ONLY about 4000 2nd level referrals. While most people would love to have those statistics, it is that 2nd level number that I am very disappointed with:


What it shows is that out of all the 30,000 people that have signed up under me, no one has learned to effectively refer others. Contrast that chart against this one of someone who is very lucky and no longer bothers to even promote CashCrate much (as far as I know) because they are happy with all the money the 2nd level referrals are bringing in:


As you can clearly see in the chart above, out of the 2705 first level referrals this person has gotten, one or more of them have turned into referring whales. According to the blog where I found this, this person is consistently making $600 to $800 per month by doing NOTHING as a handful of their 1st level referrals keep signing up more people.

Using CashCrate and other online surveys for money sites like it, you can truly build up a passive income online if you are lucky. The problem is how to get 1st level referrals who will become adept at making their own referrals so that you can make the 20% off of what those referrals do?

If you only refer beginners (which are what 99 % of the people who sign up to CashCrate are), there is little chance that any of them will truly take the time and have the patience to learn how to blog and get their own referrals. I have found that trying to teach beginners is about as painful as pulling my hair out. It is no fun at all and largely a total waste of time, at least so far.

If you  do get lucky and somehow refer someone who is already an established Internet marketer, then you will have a great asset under you but how do you find someone like that and then get them to sign up?

Unfortunately, I have still not been able to figure out a way to raise my odds of getting any of these 1st level referrals that already know what they are doing or ones that will learn how to refer other people and end up making me additional money passively. One of my goals with this blog was to have a learning  source that I could direct my own referrals to and where they could learn how to start a blog and become successful on their own. After all, the more successful your 1st level referrals are, the more money the original referrer will make.

The number of my CashCrate 2nd level referrals has been going up faster than it used to but still no where near where I would like it to be. I’d love to be building a passive income online and CashCrate is a great place to do it. Unfortunately, getting 1st level referrals who know how to make referrals of their own seems to involve a lot of luck.