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If you like to get paid for surveys and are looking for other websites that give a $1.00 bonus for referrals, you may want to try SquishyCash.

SquishyCash a site similar to Cash Crate in that there are all the same type of free offers, cash offers, surveys, daily surveys, contests, and a whole lot more. The good part about their referral system is that everyone gets a $1.00 bonus for every active referral and that is even for people that have just signed up.

With CashCrate, you have to reach the silver level (I can’t remember for sure) before you get the option of the $1.00 payout. This makes it hard for some people to earn referral money because they never make it to silver. With SquishyCash, everyone gets the $1.00 bonus right from the start and they also pay by PayPal!

The one drawback I see is that it is harder to get actives or at least that is the way that it has been for me so far. I have had 85 people sign up and only 13 of them have gone active for about a percentage of 15%. I think the reason for this is partly because the site is a bit confusing and new people who have just signed up don’t know where to start. This leads to them doing nothing and leaving.

There are so many things going on over at SquishyCash like the daily contests and events that I couldn’t really figure out how to get started. It is great that there is a lot of activity and stuff to do but in the end it might be a drawback in terms of getting new active referrals. This is further evidence that simplicity is often the best website design.  

The one thing I love about CashCrate is the very simple and clean interface which is quite easy to understand for most people. With Cash Crate, I have about 30% of my referrals go active which is double my percentage so far over at SquishyCash. Nevertheless, if you are looking for another site similar to CashCrate for getting referrals, Squishy Cash might be the one to try.