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Here at Online Surveys For Money, I wanted to give credit where credit is due. I owe Darren Rowse (Problogger), Yaro Starak (Entrpeneurs Journey), and ShoeMoney some much needed thanks for what they are doing in the Internet marketing community. All three of these guys have recently opened up paid membership sites that will teach you and your loved ones how to become a successful blogger and make money doing it. I for one, want to let them know how appreciative I am.

Now some folks are upset at them because they say these three (and other “gurus” like them) are taking your money and not giving you the real goods. Take Griz over at make money onlineĀ (site was taken down) who has a new long rant about the Cool Aid these guys are selling and calls it blogging nonsense (site was taken down). Griz thinks these guys intentionally target new bloggers and fleece them of their money one month at a time through their useless membership sites. It’s all done under the guise of teaching them how to make money online but the methods they teach won’t work for 999 out of 1000 people.

These membership sites, Griz says, teach you how to Blog and that won’t make you money. Bloggers don’t make money because they have all the wrong kind of traffic. Internet marketers on the other hand, will make money because they understand how to rank their sites in the search engines and traffic that is specifically interested in what they are selling.

Splork over at his ways to make money online blog is saying similar things and he is upset as well. He clearly has a lot of disdain for these “A-List” bloggers who rehash the same thing over and over and charge clueless noobs for the privilege of reading it. These membership sites all preach the same “load of boring shit” according to Splork and the beginners don’t know enough to know that it is all a load of crap and they will never learn how to make money online.

Well, I must apologise for these harsh words of criticism from Griz and Splork and want to make sure Darren, Yaro, and Shoemoney know that I am very grateful for what they are doing. If it weren’t for them and theirĀ fantastic “How To Blog” membership sites, think of how much more competition there would be out there for all of us?

These three fine gentlemen are making sure that all the people they sign up for their sites will never learn how to compete with me and even if they do, they will probably be broke before they ever get the chance. I am extremely grateful that they are taking so many IM wannabe noobs right out of the gate and making sure they never learn the real ways to succeed online.

Problogger, Yaro, and Shoemoney have been around for years cutting down the competition for the rest of us and I want to give a big “THANK YOU” to them for that. With the launch of their new membership sites, I can only hope they have spectacular success for many years to come. Lets hope they make a lot of money and are a big success at confusing and cutting down any potential competition that might be coming our way.

As for Griz, well that guy might have taught me much of what I know but he just won’t shut up. He keeps telling people how to really make money online which can only be hurting my business. The Internet is a big sandbox and there is room for everyone but still….shut up already. At least he only posts about once a month.