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If you want to make money with paid online surveys, your best choice by far is CashCrate. Like all legitimate surveys for money sites, CashCrate is 100% free to sign up and you never need a credit card. I have been a member for 9 years now and I have NEVER given them any credit card information.

You can see by the picture of my check below what kind of money you can make on CashCrate and you will get paid as soon as you reach the $20.00 mark. My check comes in the US mail like clockwork every month and for 7 years now, it has never been late. You can also choose to get paid via direct deposit and/or Paypal if you like and that is even quicker than the check.

Please watch the video below of my most recent January 2016 check in the amount of $109.75:

There is a great forum on CashCrate that will help you with any questions you may have and everyone there, including the moderators are very positive and helpful. If you ever get stuck, the forum is the place to go to get all your answers and to see how others are doing.

You can make money by doing surveys, free trial offers, signing up for things, getting referrals, and by doing paid offeres (totally your choice). Additionally you can win points playing games and use those points to get gift cards from Amazon, iTunes, and many other retailers.

CashCrate is the very first place I ever got a check for anything I did online. I am still there today, as you can see, and they now have over 1 million members. When you try to make money online, there are a lot of choices and a lot of scams but in my opinion, CashCrate is the best survey site out there and I have the payments to prove it!