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This blog is about how to get paid for surveys and specifically for referrals to CashCrate. Getting referrals is not something that happens overnight and most people never figure out how to do it. Make sure you read this blog from the beginning if you want to know how.

One of the big problems I see people making is that they are from some country other than America and they are NOT targeting Americans. Unfortunately for everyone that lives in the rest of the world, CashCrate’s advertisers (which means all the companies that are providing the surveys and offers) are American. That means they are only doing business in the USA and are only interested in Americans doing their offers.

If you are from Africa, Europe, Great Britain, the Philippines, Australia, or any other place in the world, the best way for you to make money at CashCrate is to do referrals. BUT YOU HAVE TO GET AMERICAN REFERRALS! Only American referrals will count and that means you need to target USA Internet users. How do you do this?

You need a blog or a website that is listed high in Google for your keywords in America. Most of the time if you live in another country, you spend most of the time surfing websites that are in your own country. If you are on http://www.google.it/ (Google Italy) for example, different sites are listed than on Google USA.

Additionally, if you are handing out fliers, business cards, or getting friends from your country YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME. Remember, referrals only work for the USA so promoting to your friends or anyone else in your country is not going to work. YOU NEED REFERRALS FROM THE USA!