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I poke around the CashCrate forum from time to time and what I see are people that don’t have a clue when it comes to referrals.

Nine times out of ten there are newbies on it who get all excited because they put up a one page website on a free blogging platform like Blogger or Webs.com. They have copied and pasted the their whole page from the CashCrate website with some tutorials or tips and tricks. They then tell the reader they can make a lot of money by signing up.

On the forum this type of person is often complaining that their site has been up for a day, a week, or a month and it gets no traffic and no referrals. They are complaining because they don’t know what is wrong.

Well let me tell you what is wrong: You put up a stupid one page website that has the same regurgitated information on it that 1,000’s of other one page spam sites have. Yes, your site is spam and even if you could get someone to go to your site there is no way they would ever stay for more than 1 second.

You provide no picture proof. You provide no video proof (CashCrate payment proof). You provide no story. You provide no originality. Your blog has no character.  You provide no reason for anyone to sign up and your blog is nothing more than one page of spam. That is why you will never get any referrals even if you did know how to get traffic to your blog.

Making money from referrals for online surveys for money is NOT EASY like you want it to be. You need to learn how to get traffic to your blog and those people you get have to want to make money.

But before you spend any time learning how to do that, you need to learn how to write something that people will actually want to read. You need to learn how to sell things….it doesn’t just happen magically. Most of all you need to make some money with CashCrate yourself first so you can prove to people it is legitimate. If you can’t prove to them you make money on it, why on earth would they ever sign up?