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Tomorrow is the last day of June and with the unemployment rate so high, many students still don’t have a job. If you haven’t found one by now, your chances go down every day.

CashCrate is NOT a job but it is one of the few online surveys for money sites that allows people under 18 to sign up. With your parent’s permission, anyone over 13 and can sign up and start making some extra cash.

Lots of teenagers have signed up to CashCrate and make anywhere from $20 to $100 a month doing the surveys, offers, and referring others. If you can learn how to refer others to the site, you can make even more than that. Starting a blog (like this one) is the best way to refer people although there are lots of other things you can do if you think creatively.

CashCrate isn’t the only survey site out there but it is one of the most popular and reliable. After about 4 years with them, they have never missed sending me my monthly check and now I even get one every week. I have the proof to show that they pay real money to their members so take a look at that.

Student jobs in 2011 aren’t going to get any easier to find but that doesn’t mean you should give up looking. Always keep a positive attitude and keep applying for real jobs. On the side you can try things like CashCrate to make a little extra money and if you are good with computers you might even start your own blog and try to get some referrals to sign up under you.

I started 4 years ago knowing nothing about making money online and having never made a penny. Now I’m getting big checks from CashCrate and I am very thankful that I never gave up even when I wasn’t making much.