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Win More On August 8th During The LIVE CashCrate Contest

If you sign up before August 8th, 2011 make sure you join in on the CashCrate LIVE contest that runs between 7 PM and 11 PM Eastern time zone time. I think this is the fourth month in a row they have had this contest and they pay out cash prizes to the top ten people who complete the most offers. This month they are also giving away a $100 bill in a random drawing and every offer you complete counts as an entry.

There are a ton of surveys for money websites out there and some are better than others. If you are looking into doing surveys and offers, why not go with one of the ones that has the best track record? CashCrate has well over a million members and they pay right on time every month. You can go into the forum and read the “Payment” thread to prove that to yourself.

I got started making money way back in 2007 on CashCrate. Their check was the first check I ever got from any online website. It was a real check that I took to my bank and cashed just like I do today. For more proof of how legit they are, poke around my blog and you will see videos and pictures of some of my latest checks. Like here—> CashCrate Check