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First of all, with a name like “Dana” most people assume a girl but he is a guy. Other than that, all you need to know about him is that he is the face of CashCrate on the forum and he WILL answer any question you have. I think he must be online 20 hours a day because he is everywhere there and any correspondence I have had with him through email was almost like instant messaging.

Dana’s stats show that since the middle of 2006 he has made over 21,000 posts on the CashCrate forum as their super moderator! That is more than 10 posts a day for more than FIVE YEARS!

His official title is now “Administrator” which is surely a promotion over forum “Moderator”. I think the owner of CashCrate has wisely moved Dana up the ladder after his many years of tirelessly working the forum boards answering every question and/or pointing people in the right direction so that answers can be found.

Dana is what makes CashCrate better than every other online surveys for money site out there. He is a real person that will help you with your questions or problem. Once you join CashCrate and the forum, you don’t have to worry about your questions and PM’s going into some black hole and never getting answered. If you need help, either CashCrate Dana (or CashCrate Wendy) will take care of you and answer your questions just like they have done for so many years. CashCrate is a real place with real people behind it and you can be sure you will always get paid your money too.