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One of the things I like about CashCrate is the easy to understand contest they have every month. Unlike other paid online surveys websites that have all sorts of crazy contest that are impossible to understand, CashCrate has just one contest that takes place over a 4 hour period. They have a live chat the whole time to keep people involved and an up to the minute leader board that shows where you are if you are in the top ten.

For anyone that wants to earn money doing offers and surveys online, this “live” contest is a great place to get started as you can earn extra money. This month it takes place on January 23, 2012 during the hours of 7:00 PM and 11:00 PM Eastern Time Zone in America.

If you miss this month’s contest, there will undoubtedly be one in February as these have been going on every month now for awhile with great success. CashCrate continues to show that it is one of the premier survey and offer websites out there and it is in my opinion, the first place to get started if you want to make some extra money every month. The checks I get from them come regularly in the mail and I’m sure that will continue as they are extremely reliable.