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Are you wondering if CashCrate is legit? Don’t believe they pay out real money?

I’ve been posting posting videos of my checks and pictures of my checks for many months as proof but I never realized that since they came online in 2006, CachCrate members have taken home close to 4 million dollars. (See my CashCrate check proof)

The screen print above is from the payment wall where over 1000 checks have been posted as different members receive them. With CashCrate, you don’t have to wonder whether they are a scam or whether you will get paid because the evidence is overwhelming that they are one of the best online surveys for money websites.

This month there are several promotions: March 17th is the St. Patrick’s Day event where you will earn and additional 10% on all daily surveys and cash offers. Then on March 20th is the CashCrate Live contest which has become a monthly event where you can earn Amazon gift cards as well as money deposited right into your CashCrate account for participating. It’s a great time to sign up and get your share of the money!

                        Sign up here —> CashCrate